Uses of the past and political imagination in Burgundian literature (Boulogne / mer)

International meetig Uses of the past and political imagination in Burgundian literature Boulogne-sur-Mer, University Center of the Museum, 19-21 October 2022 Coastal Opal Coast University, UR 4030 HLLI Organizers: Jean DEVAUX, Elena KOROLEVA, Grace BAILLET This scientific event follows on from the international meetings devoted to Burgundy literature which have been held since 2005 at […]

Europe, n°1101-1102: “Virginia Woolf/Jean-Paul Goux”

Europe, n ° 1101-1102 – January / February 2021 “Virginia Woolf/Jean-Paul Goux” * ISBN 9782351501122 20 EUR * DESCRIPTION Coming from a family of the London bourgeoisie, having grown up in a cultivated and wealthy environment, Virginia Woolf nonetheless tirelessly criticized the habits and customs of her class. Reversing the so pressing tradition of the […]

from Kraftwerk to Techno “: Exhibition on December 9th

June 23, 2021 at 2:08 pm Power plant as the highlight : Techno exhibition in the Museum Kunstpalast Kraftwerk at one of their multimedia concerts. Photo: dpa / Gregor Fischer The big show on the history of electronic music starts on December 9th in the Museum Kunstpalast. Exclusive material from Kraftwerk will be shown. Jean-Michael […]

Jean Castex inaugurates the return of the Paris-Nice night train

“We are reopening this evening things that we had perhaps sacrificed a little too quickly”, threw Jean Castex going up in the Paris-Nice night train, left Thursday evening May 20 after more than three years of hiatus. “Exceptionally, it is not your captain who speaks to you, but the Prime Minister. ” Passionate about trains […]

“The animal in literature, between fantasy and fantasy” (online)

The animal in literature, between fantasy and fantasy on the occasion of the 400e anniversary of the birth of Jean de La Fontaine 29 – 30 October 2021 Faculty of Letters of Babeş-Bolyai University (Cluj-Napoca) PRESENTATION On the occasion of the 400e anniversary of the birth of Jean de La Fontaine, we will try, based […]

Euthanasia. Jean Leonetti castigates “a law which deliberately results in death”

The mayor of Antibes Jean Leonetti, co-author of the last two laws on end of life, criticized the proposal submitted Thursday April 8 to Parliament to create a right to euthanasia, a “Major transgression” which according to him deserves the holding of general states. “The proposed law is a law that deliberately results in death: […]

“Transhumanism and posthumanist Fictions” (M. Magda Maftei, dir.)

Journal of Human Sciences, n ° 341, January-March 2021: “Transhumanism and posthumanist Fictions” Mara Magda Maftei (dir.) Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, 2021. EAN13: 9782913761889. Transhumanism intends to create an “augmented man”, freed from his biological contingencies and more efficient. Posthumanist Fictions raise the anthropological, philosophical, political, economic and social questions that this raises. This issue […]