Australia vs. Djokovic: Was that a malicious tactic?

Novak Djokovic PHOTO: Reuters First, Djokovic was issued a visa, and then the door slammed under his nose. The whole behavior of the authorities looks like malicious tactics and reveals the cruelty of a policy that should be reconsidered, writes A. Walsh. Tennis star Djokovic has experienced the brutality of Australian border policy. Authorities initially […]

VW still counts on diesel engines, the new TDI can burn paraffin fuels

In addition to higher production of electric cars, VW also wants to contribute to reducing emissions by approving greener fuels for new generations of four-cylinder diesel engines. In a recent press release, Volkswagen officially announced that the latest generation of four-cylinder diesel engines has been approved for the use of so-called paraffin fuels, a newly […]

Kia will end sales of internal combustion engines in Europe by 2035, and worldwide in 2040

The company plans to gradually completely eliminate emissions associated with its cars and production. Kia has decided to follow in the footsteps of its sister brand Hyundai, and during today’s ceremonial unveiling of the first sketches of the electric flagship concept EV9, it stated that from 2035 it intends to sell only zero-emission carmakers on […]

New validity periods for COVID certificates

COVID certificates issued in other countries outside the EU will now be recognized in our country New terms of validity for some of the COVID certificates have been announced by the Ministry of Health. For example, when vaccinated with a single dose vaccine, the document will become valid from the 15th, not from the 14th […]