Most Popular: Hottest Varigata Ornamental Plants

Jakarta – Most popular on HaiBunda on Saturday (29/5/2021): 1. 20 Most Popular Varigata Leaf Ornamental Plants In the world of leaf ornamental plants, the term varigata refers to leaf color anomalies that have more than one color or pattern, Mother. In general, this type of ornamental plant has white or yellow pigment, so the […]

Irwan Mussry turns out to be a convert, this is Maia Estianty’s confession

Jakarta – Maia Estianty live happily with Irwan Mussry. It has been two years since they built a household, but not many know that Irwan Mussry is a convert. Maia Estianty and . wedding Irwan Mussry in 2018 took place away from the media spotlight. The news of their marriage was only heard after the […]

Having a father connects the CEO of Tajir Twists, Dul Jaelani turns out to be …

Instagram @maiaestiantyreal Dul Jaelani, Irwan Mussry, and Maia Estianty Grid.ID – Third son Maia Estianty and Ahmad Dhani, Dul Jaelani happy middle. The reason is on last Sunday (23/8/2020), Dul Jaelani birthday to the age of 20 now. At this moment of growing age, Dul Jaelani apparently got special treatment from the new husband Maia […]