Tonggeret, an insect with a special voice that also has ears

Jakarta – The cicada has a distinctive sound at night. So, the question arises, can cicadas hear that loud noise? What is the anatomy of the ear? Quoting from detikEdu on Sunday (12/3/2023), Science News reported that Chinese researchers had reported the results of their research to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, […]

A Simple Game That Makes Bill Gates Addicted to Forgetting to Work

Bandung – Who would have thought that Bill Gates was addicted to playing games. Even the founder of Microsoft even forgot work because of playing games. Is Minesweeper, the default Windows game that makes Bill Gates addicted. Reported from detikInet, Minesweeper has been around since Windows 3.0 released in 1990. The story of Bill Gates […]

SVB Silicon Valley Bank takes over in biggest bank failure since 2008 financial crisis

The U.S. financial regulator announced on March 10 that the takeover of Silicon Valley Bank (Silicon Valley Bank), which mainly finances technology and start-ups, is the largest local bank failure since the 2008 global financial crisis. The US CNBC channel reported that the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (California Department of Financial Protection […]

China: Xi Jinping is re-elected as President for the Third Time

the chinese president, Xi Jinpingconsolidated his power after the National People’s Assembly appointed to a third five-year presidential term (2023-2028) unprecedented among its predecessors. The PNA plenary ratified the permanence of Xi Jinping, also Secretary General of the ruling Communist Party (CCP), after the body approved in 2018 a constitutional amendment removing the two-consecutive term […]

the isolationist temptation of the Republican Party

By Adrian Jaulmes Posted 39 minutes ago , Update 2 minutes ago Republican lawmakers Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene (here August 19, 2021 in Iowa) backed a motion in the House of Representatives to end aid to Ukraine. Nordengren Fritz/Nordengren Fritz/Zuma Wire/ABACA INVESTIGATION – The war in Ukraine has led Donald Trump and the […]

9 years without an answer; Where is the missing plane with 239 people?

Kuala Lumpur ∙ There is a demand for a new investigation for the Malaysian plane that disappeared nine years ago with 239 passengers in mysterious circumstances. The relatives of the passengers of the missing plane have asked the Malaysian government to reassign the US company Ocean Infinity to investigate. Flight MH370 went missing on March […]

How Mosquitoes Seek Delicious Food ‘Signals’

Jakarta – Mosquitoes have their own way of detecting whose blood is good to eat. Want to know how mosquitoes do it? Check out the reviews here! Apart from itching, mosquitoes can carry various diseases through their bites, ranging from malaria, dengue fever, to the West Nile virus. Quoted from detikEdu, a disease caused by […]