Emilia: George is the man who really deserves to be named after him

– – Emilia Screen shot BTV – “George wanted our daughter to be Emilia, his mother’s name. However, we decided that three women with this name would be a little more. One day I offered him the name Georgina and he thought about it. I decided that George was the man who really deserved to […]

Europe’s arrows are the new planes

How to travel comfortably and safely from the center to the center of the Old Continent Imagine waiting for months for your dream trip to Italy, Spain or France, and then ending up in endless queues with annoying checks at the airports you reached after getting up early. Or you sit blocked for hours in […]

NASA, amazing image with the dark side of the planet Venus / PHOTO

NASA, amazing image with the dark side of the planet Venus / Illustrative photo: Pixabay – NASA has released a stunning image of the planet Venus, captured by a spaceship that they sent to observe the Sun. – According to the space agency, Parker Solar Probe shows that Venus, the neighbor of the Earth, has […]

The four best ways to meditate to fight anxiety

As a result of the quarantine caused by the coronavirus pandemic, many people have become adept at meditation techniques. Until now, it was completely normal to be overwhelmed by being isolated without the possibility of social interaction. Being confined and unable to enjoy as much physical activity as before, many have opted for exercises that […]

Unique LADA T Concept Shown – Network in Shock

“Bugatti is the way out,” users write. Hypercars are not a common phenomenon in Russia, but what if they are made a little cheaper? The domestic designer decided to imagine what it would be, if hypercars produced AvtoVAZ. The network showed a unique concept LADA Tthat just hit the users on the spot. The car […]