United States: a second case of the variant of the coronavirus identified

A second case of infection with the British variant of the coronavirus has been identified in Colorado, authorities say. Lhe second case of the variant of the coronavirus suspected by health authorities was also found in Elbert County, where the first case of the new variant of the coronavirus in the United States had already […]

the fish that bite the calves has been identified

Calf-biting fish. The phenomenon, reported in recent weeks on the Côte d’Azur, by several swimmers and relayed by the local media, could leave one wondering. Nevertheless, to Saint-Raphaël, four swimmers have reported bites on the feet or legs, sometimes with blood, said Nice Matin. The victims described a “sharp” and “stealth” attack. But the traces […]

Floods in the Alpes-Maritimes. A seventh victim identified

The body of a septuagenarian found Saturday, October 24 was identified as being that of an inhabitant of Saint-Martin-Vésubie, who disappeared during the bad weather in the Alpes-Maritimes, bringing the number of victims of these exceptional floods, we learned this Monday, October 26 from the Nice prosecutor’s office. The body of the pensioner, who disappeared […]

Storm Alex. Five formally identified bodies returned to families

The remains of five victims of the devastating floods of October 2 near Nice were returned to the families after their formal identification, said Wednesday October 14 Nice, bringing to 13 the provisional toll of those missing in the disaster, compared to 9 previously. The water took away “Nearly 400 graves […] which considerably complicates […]

Decomposing body discovered in Cap Corse identified

Decaying body discovered on Monday in Centuri (Haute-Corse) is that of a 33-year-old man who has been missing since early September, the Bastia prosecutor’s office announced on Wednesday, which confided this “Criminal record” to the specialized jurisdiction of Marseille. The state of the body did not allow immediate identification. “The first scientific examinations carried out […]

the order of onset of symptoms identified by researchers

Cough and fever are known to be the main symptoms of the new coronavirus Covid-19. Today it’s the order in which symptoms appear that interests scientists. Data that could prove useful to differentiate patients with Covid-19 from those with influenza this autumn for example. ” We hypothesize that the order of symptom onset could help […]

Coronavirus: the order of appearance of symptoms identified by researchers

According to an American study published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Public Health, relayed by the Voix du Nord, researchers have identified the order of appearance of symptoms of Covid-19 in the majority of patients. TGoosebumps and fever are among the main symptoms of coronavirus, recalls Northern voice. Today, it is the order in […]