Government Housing Bank Promotions: 13th Hat Yai Money Expo 2023 with Special Offers

Government Housing Bank Promotions: 13th Hat Yai Money Expo 2023 with Special Offers

Government Housing Bank (GHB) appeals to southerners to have access to bank financial products. by organizing promotions for financial products “The 13th Hat Yai Money Expo, Money Expo Hatyai 2023” with a special promotion. 1. Low-interest home loan type 1, year 1, equal to MRR-4.45% per year (2.45%), average for the first 3 years, only […]

The effects of the Euribor on mortgages

Since last August the upward trend of the Euribor has hit a multitude of mortgage loanswho have already seen the mortgage payment increase while the measures are not yet applied. However, the increase in monthly mortgage payments in those variable rate loans referred to the Euribor will be relieved thanks to the package of measures […]

Modification of credits. WIRON will replace WIBOR. Who will earn, who will lose: who is already paying off and only taking out a mortgage for an apartment [4.12.2022]

WIRON, or Warsaw Interest Rate Overnight (formerly WIRD), will become one of the most important factors in determining the interest rate on loans in Poland. It is a widely criticized substitute for WIBOR. What exactly is WIRON? What determines? How will it affect the loan installments? Will it be more favorable and more transparent from […]

how to put all the possibilities on your side to get it?

Becoming the owner of their main residence remains the goal of many French people. However, at the moment, 45% of loan applications are rejected by banks while interest rates remain attractive. “Interest rates, although they have risen, they remain quite low relative to this inflation. So purely financially, you borrow at 2% and something like […]

Dwelling bank loan: how to profit from very affordable fees | lifestyle and awareness

Lender financial loan fascination fees have tripled and carry on to rise. If you are scheduling to invest in true estate in the upcoming several many years, you should believe about working with the excellent financial savings of the outdated buildings. There are no such jumps in fascination charges with household discounts contracts. Though lender […]

It’s amazing what’s in the rental market

According to, demand increased by 5 percent from a year earlier and by 14 percent from the pre-epidemic level in March 2019. Extra demand from fugitives from the war in Ukraine and rising mortgage rates have also contributed to the growing interest. The national rent index of reached another peak, with rents almost […]

Shaking the second-hand home market, Bank of Thailand serves as an intermediary for selling second-hand houses – Post Today, financial news – stocks

Shaking the second-hand home market, Bank of Thailand accepts as an intermediary for consignment of second-hand houses Date 01 March 2021 time 13:39 – Shaking up the second-hand home market, Bank of Thailand launched the GH Bank Marketplace project for consignment of second-hand homes through online banking channels. Mr. Chatchai Sirilai Managing Director Government Housing […]