40 years of a different hero and who has a new movie on the way

There is no more Indiana Jones. The heroes of modern cinema are no longer human. They have gigantic biceps and they walk as if they carry packets of weed under their arms. They shoot lightning, fly, use the Force, know how to do magic or endure explosions, vehicular crashes or shots as if they had […]

The market is in good shape again

New York Finally, after a very difficult year: “The market is back in good shape”, announced Sotheby’s Star auctioneer Oliver Barker on Wednesday evening with understandable enthusiasm. He had just sold art for a total of 597 million dollars in an extremely dynamic and animated tour-de-force, again via live stream. Sotheby’s Claude Monet’s late landscape […]

This is his new villa in the south of France

George Clooney is drawn to the Hollywood diaspora in Provence: the US actor and filmmaker has bought a property in southern France. Not only is it huge, it’s also in a prominent neighborhood. Photo series with 7 pictures Just in time for George Clooney’s 60th birthday, which yesterday in the t-online interview talked about his […]

Why did George Lucas sell his work to Disney?

In 2012, the big movie news of the year was Disney to buy Lucasfilm for more than $ 4 billion. The mouse house should have recovered the money in the meantime, but could “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens“Already bring in more than two billion dollars worldwide (plus a lot of merchandise). The […]