Sites of 13 Ukrainian media are completely blocked in Crimea – research

In Crimea, providers close access to Ukrainian sites Human rights defenders monitored the activities of 12 Crimean providers in 12 settlements of the peninsula. On the territory of the annexed Crimea peninsula, providers are blocking dozens of Ukrainian websites, including mass media, stated on Wednesday, June 30, Crimean Human Rights Group. According to the results […]

Swearing allowed – outside of school – panorama

The so-called Las Vegas rule reads: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – an agreement that also applies beyond this casino hell when the cloak of silence is to be put on something. The student Brandi Levy from Pennsylvania has now achieved that the rule can also be interpreted differently: What happens outside of […]

I shake your hand, Petr Alekseevich, I hug! / GORDON

Good evening friends! Until recently, it seemed to me that I had achieved something, but I was cruelly mistaken. Only today I realized that life was a success when the good news came that the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Alekseevich Poroshenko decided to sue me. What so outraged Pyotr Alekseevich? Pyotr Alekseevich was outraged […]

Diversity of Opinion: The New York Times and a Toxic Commentary

In the guest commentary, “Send the Troops in,” Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton called for a US President-authorized military intervention to end the unrest following the violent police death of George Floyd. The article appeared on June 3, Trump had previously blamed extreme left groups, namely the “Antifa”, for outbreaks of violence. Cotton seconded that […]

Dispute over the murder of Samuel Paty – who cancels whom here?

They are two left-liberal newspapers, open, tolerant and cosmopolitan. But you can also do it differently. France is blind to its racism, “unable to adapt to a changed world”, writes the New York Times to the address of that country “that used to be a great power”. The world counters that the US is hindering […]

Sanctuary associated with rainbow flag

An image in which the Muslim Kaaba sanctuary was linked with the rainbow flag angered the Turkish authorities. The interior minister spoke of a “perverse LGB.”T representatives. “ Four people have been arrested in Turkey on charges of “denigrating Islam” after a picture showing the holiest site of Islam was hung together with a rainbow […]

Twitter, Trump and the Truth on the Net – Science Has Established …

So far, so logical. In the end there is only this problem: Who actually decides what is true and what is a lie? Who divides the world into fakes and facts? As difficult as this question may be to answer, one thing seems relatively certain these days: The American President, who was probably the most […]

Hatred on Twitter: does it help to lock accounts? | Germany | DW

#AfDRausAusTwitter and #AfDTwitterBanNow – these two hashtags are circulating on Twitter and were used so often at the weekend that they ended up in the trends. Inspired by the blocking of Donald Trump’s Twitter account, there were calls in Germany to delete the accounts of right-wing populist and right-wing extremist members of Alternative für Deutschland […]