Epic Loses Lawsuit Against Apple Over Fortnite | Games | iHLN

October 10, 2020 06u24 Source: Belga Shutterstock Fortnite Games Epic Games has again failed to force Apple to return its popular shooter Fortnite to the App Store. A federal judge in Oakland, California, dismissed the game manufacturer’s demand to reinstate the deleted game for the time being and allow Epic to use its own payment […]

Judge criticizes Fortnite creator Epic Games during hearing with Apple | NOW

A federal judge in California has spoken out against Epic Games during a virtual hearing on Monday, according to reports CNN. She also recommends that the case between Epic and Apple be judged by a jury. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers determined that again on Monday Fortnite did not have to return to the App Store. […]

Boyband BTS is coming to Fortnite | News

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Fortnite x BTS, Dynamite Music Video Shows on Fortnite Party Royale

Sepasi – Big Hit Entertainment earlier this month announced a new promotional schedule BTS for September. Includes the release of the Dynamite music video, which has an undisclosed location. “You all must be wondering in which part of the world is the ‘Secret Place’ for the premiere of our music video,” Jin quoted koreaboo as […]

Apple Accuses Fortnite of Just Seeking Popularity

Jakarta – Chaos between Epic Games and Apple related to micro-transactions in the App Store has not yet found a bright spot, and Apple says Epic is deliberately doing it for the sake of popularity. This was expressed by Apple in a counter argument in court. According to the company from Cupertino, USA, this Epic […]

Apple So What The Hate Of 30 Years Ago

Jakarta – Apple and Epic Game are unlikely to reach a point of peace yet. The war of comments has intensified the feud between the two sides Epic Game CEO Tim Sweeney recently replied to Apple’s statement about compensation for breach of contract on his Twitter account. He said that if Apple thought the App […]

Logging in to Fortnite will still be possible for the time being via Apple | NOW

Players playing the shooting game Fortnite on an Apple device, can still continue to log in using the ‘Log in with Apple’ method for the time being. Apple previously planned to disable the method on Friday, Fortnite creator Epic Games wrote this week. Epic is now signing up Twitter that Apple has come back to […]

Fortnite warns: Friday locked out when using Apple login method | NOW

Players of the popular shooting game Fortnite using their Apple account to log in should “immediately” make sure their email address and password are up to date, warns Epic, the company behind the game. Apple will block the login method from Friday, September 11, Epic said. Accounts must therefore have an alternative way of logging […]

Apple seeks compensation from Fortnite creator. “Epic Gam …

Apple is seeking damages from games producer Epic Games, the maker of the popular shooting game Fortnite. Apple claims that Epic is guilty of a breach of contract and simply does not want to pay for the benefits that the App Store offers to the computer games company. In August, Apple removed Fortnite from its […]

Apple sues Epic

It’s approaching one month ago Epic Games sued Apple, after the latter launched Fortnite from its App Store. On Tuesday, Apple struck back with a lawsuit, which describes Epic’s behavior as both shameful and illegal. – Trying to use the App Store for free The dispute between Apple and Epic began in mid-August. Screenshot: Epic […]