Apple Blacklist Fortnite Game Due to Dispute on the App Store

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Apple decided to keep playing online games Fortnite made by Epic Games was blacklisted from the App Store, due to a dispute over the payment mechanism for the application through the online store. This was revealed by the Chief Executive Officer of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, on Thursday (23/9) through his […]

Discussion: They are liars, hard f Epic. Get on the zazen from Apple Nevrt

An EPIC fan, of course, would follow his dreams, on his eventual hurry everyone, except Apple. And I agree that the distribution fees of 30% are nekesansk. EPIC has developed a discussion about the value of this fee across platforms, which promotes a 12% increase. Apple does not give up its income voluntarily, so the […]

They are lhi, hard f Epic. Get on the zazen from Apple Nevrt

The court’s decision in the dispute between Epic Games and Apple over the fees from the profits from the game hit Fortnite was indeed an Alamoun d, ct, that it saddened both parties. The giant with a delicious apple in the logo, especially the number of its impacts stronger, when it will have to allow […]

Apple will not release Fortnite back on its platforms

Earlier this month came the verdict in the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games. However, the dispute between the two parties is far from over, and right now it seems very unlikely that Fortnite will reappear on iOS in the near future. The war between Epic Games and Apple is not over. Photo: Epic Games […]

The court ruled in favor of the developer of Fortnite against Apple

A decision has been made on the clash between Epic Games and Apple – reported about it in the New York Times. The court found that the apple company could not force developers to make in-app purchases through the App Store. Developers will have the opportunity to circumvent the penalty of up to 30 percent […]

The verdict has been handed down in the lawsuit between Apple and Epic

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers at the Federal District Court in Northern California has now ruled in the high-profile case between Apple and Epic Games, reports Appleinsider. Apple has no monopoly and therefore does not violate federal competition law, but locking into its own payment system violates California’s competition law. The company is therefore required not […]

Apple forced to authorize alternative payments on its App Store

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, in charge of the Epic Games v Apple case in the Northern District of California, has ordered the Apple brand to stop banning third-party developers from offering their own payment systems. The move, which is expected to take effect in 90 days, puts Apple’s 30% commission on sales of items and […]

Fortnite gets “Among Us mode” – but how similar is too similar?

Epic has just updated Fortnite with a new game mode. In Fortnite: Impostors has eight players assigned to perform maintenance work at the headquarters of one of Fortnite World’s organizations. Two more players are instead fraudsters who have infiltrated the base. Does that sound familiar? The game mode is more or less a clone of […]

Many AS Roma Players Don’t Get Sleep Due to Playing Fortnite

Jakarta – famous football club manager, Jose Mourinho, revealed that the team he coached, namely AS Roma, some of the players often lacked sleep. The reason is being infatuated with the Battle Royale game, Fortnite. In one of the contents uploaded on Twitter, Mourinho was given a question in the form of words. Then, this […]