Now Firefox Smartblock will stop having login buttons for Facebook

The latest edition of Mozilla’s Firefox comes with a new version of the browser’s tracking blocker Smartblock. The new version will prevent buttons on web pages that allow you to log in via a Facebook account from breaking like before, reports The Verge. Smartblock solves this by developing a local replacement for the blocked third-party […]

5G smartphones under € 400: ready for the future!

The Practical Individual By Pierre STEMMELIN Posted the 03/02/2021 at 08:26 Receive all the news Practical life 5G is coming, even if the territories covered are still very limited. If you want to acquire a new smartphone, you may already be interested in 5G models. With 5G, we are talking about ultra-high speed mobile internet, […]

Firefox: Apple Silicon version and VoiceOver support

Firefox now runs natively on the Apple Silicon architecture. Version 84 available since yesterday launches 2.5 times faster and web apps are twice as responsive on M1 Macs than the Intel binary via Rosetta, according to Mozilla. The installation of Rosetta nevertheless remains indispensable for now if you want to play DRM protected content, like […]

Microsoft Edge grabs data from other browsers – without consent

Windows 10 users get the latest version of Microsoft’s Browser Edge with the latest update. A dialog window for setting up the browser opens automatically. As can be seen, the data that has already been saved claws from other installed browsers – such as Firefox and Chrome. The information that Edge takes over includes cookies, […]

How to prevent intrusive requests from the websites

In recent times, websites have often become intrusive: they want to use small pop-up windows to get permission to regularly display news to users. That is annoying – and can easily be switched off. Photo series with 15 pictures You see them more and more frequently on the net: small inquiry windows in which websites […]

Firefox will definitely turn Flash off in December –

Firefox is finally turning Flash off in December Firefox turns Flash in December from Flash end is certain: In a few months, Mozilla will pull the plug CHIP Online Germany Mozilla Firefox: As of version 84, Flash support for Caschy’s blog ends Firefox 84: Final stop for Adobe Flash PC WORLD See “Learn […]

Mozilla publishes Firefox 75 and thus improves the search –

Mozilla publishes Firefox 75 and thus improves the search –

Mozilla publishes Firefox 75 and improves the search Mozilla Firefox 75: Browser makes the online search more convenient ComputerBase Firefox 75 with revised Pro-Linux address bar Security patch: Attackers could read out memory areas via Firefox hole heise online

Microsoft Edge surpasses Firefox on desktop platforms

Microsoft Edge, second most used browser in the world? This is what the figures for NetMarketShare. Indeed, the Microsoft browser managed to surpass its rival Firefox in March with 7.59% market share, against 7.19% for Mozilla. Please note, these statistics relate only to desktop browsers. By including the mobile, the figures are very different (Safari […]

Update required: Firefox closes actively exploited security gaps

Firefox users should update their browser as soon as possible. As can be seen from the Security Advisory, the latest update fixes two security holes that have already been actively exploited. However, a lot of information is currently not available. However, there is an undefined warning to users of other web browsers. The vulnerability discoverer, […]

knockout to come for FTP support

Like Google Chrome, Firefox will say goodbye to FTP support for file sharing, but not right away. For version 77 expected next June, Firefox will deactivate support for the FTP protocol. ” We do it for security reasons “said Michal Novotny, an engineer at Mozilla. AT ZDNet, he explains that FTP is not a secure […]