Schalke comment: The north curve protects S04 from the league hospice! | Sports

knocked off. Dead saved. Transferred broken. The obituary had been written for months. Schalke and staying up in the league seemed as likely as the discovery of the legendary Atlantis – it probably doesn’t exist. With the Signal victory against Stuttgart (2:1), the Nullinger of the nation (previously 4 times 0:0 in a row) proved […]

Bundesliga: Schalke vs. Stuttgart 2:1! S04 Hope Conjures Back | Sports

The royal blue hope is back! After four 0-0 games in a row wins Schalke in the important basement duel against Stuttgart with 2:1. Thus, the gap to the regulation rank is only three points. Marius Bülter (29) is responsible for the highlight of the day. The winger shakes the arena with a back-heel goal. […]

Bundesliga: 18 Club World Cup plans – longest winter break ever – BUNDESLIGA

When Matchday 15 concludes on November 13 with the Freiburg-Union match, the most unusual and longest winter break of all time for Bundesliga teams begins. A World Cup has never been played in winter, and the championship has never been interrupted for more than two months. A challenge for the 18 clubs – who also […]