Greetings from Red Cross sport – RSI Swiss Radio and Television

With Christmas just around the corner, even in sport it is time to send greetings. Athletes and sportsmen from our latitudes then got busy, from the national football team which through the technicians Murat Yakin and Mauro Lustrinelli wished everyone happy holidays, at the Hockey Club Lugano, with the whole team decorating a “human tree […]

European countries launch a campaign to vaccinate children

Spain and other European countries They began this Wednesday to vaccinate the children in front of coronavirus, seeking to control the resurgence of the pandemic and to keep schools open due to the expansion of the omicron variant, which in January could dominate the region. Denmark, Austria, Greece, Hungary and several German regions started immunization […]

Rama to Radev: Don’t be so European, be a little Balkan

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama (third from left to right) called on Rumen Radev (next to him) to be “a little Balkan”. Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama called on President Rumen Radev to be “a little Balkan”. This happened at the forum in Slovenian Bled, which this year is on the topic “The Future of […]

The EU announced a “loneliness pandemic”

The European Union reported on the “loneliness pandemic” Amid the coronavirus pandemic, twice as many Europeans feel lonely, a study found. In the European Union, during the coronavirus pandemic, a doubling of the number of people feeling lonely was recorded. This is stated in the report of the European Joint Research Center (JRC), published on […]

Federico Bernardeschi and Veronica Ciardi: the wedding photos

After the triumph in London, the party continues for the blue Juventus playmaker who married the splendid Veronica Ciardi in Carrara. Unleashed “Bern” on arrival at the church, aboard an off-road vehicle, from which he sang “We are the European champions” together with the square full of onlookers. Then the reception in his bathhouse ITALY […]

Europeans, Italy champion! England beaten on penalties

Blue triumph on penalties at Wembley after 1-1 at 120 ‘: heroic Donnarumma over Sancho and Saka by our correspondent Marco Pasotto July 11 – London Football is coming home. Of course, we can sing it, or rather scream without risking treason. Because football is also at home in Italy, and it’s a beautiful all-blue […]