Bankruptcy Update: 90 Creditors Officially Reporting to Trustee, Majority Private Customers

Bankruptcy Update: 90 Creditors Officially Reporting to Trustee, Majority Private Customers

Although the bankruptcy is still early, 90 creditors have already reported to the trustee, according to the bankruptcy report published this afternoon. Most of them are private customers. Incidentally, not only customers who have made a down payment, but also private individuals who are waiting for service or repair of equipment already delivered. 2023-07-20 18:42:20 […]

Boosting HPV Vaccination in Young Adults with ‘Don’t Miss It’ Bus

news There is little interest in HPV vaccination among young people. Barely twenty percent of young adults between the ages of 18 and 27 accepted the invitation to get the free shot. In Enschede they are trying to boost that percentage this week. Young adults can get vaccinated in a large ‘Don’t miss it’ bus […]

Understanding HPV: Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention

What is HPV?HPV stands for Human Papillomavirus. The virus can cause cervical cancer and genital warts. It can also cause cancer of the penis, anus, labia, vagina, and mouth and throat. You get HPV through sexual activity. Almost everyone gets an HPV infection at some point, men and women. Usually the immune system clears the […]

The person died after “a serious episode of violence” in Enschede

SPS average ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 18:09 In Enschede, someone was killed in a serious violent incident, police said. A suspect has been arrested. The accident took place around 3.30 pm in a residential area in the East district. Exactly what happened is not yet clear. According to RTV Ext police received a robbery report, and officers in […]

Treasurer steals money from Enschede swimming club Piranha to invest in crypto

In May, a former treasurer of student swimming association Piranha in Enschede transferred 20,000 euros from the club’s funds to his own account. He wanted to invest the money in crypto for the association with a profit, but lost more than 7,500 euros. – According to UToday, the independent news platform of the University of […]

Enschede clashes with supermarket employee for not wearing a face mask | NOW

A branch manager of a supermarket in Enschede was threatened on Thursday by a sixty-year-old customer after he pointed out that he was not wearing a face mask. Threats have been reported and the man has been arrested, police said Facebook. When the branch manager pointed out to the customer that the mask is mandatory, […]

A lot of damage due to an explosion at the shopping center in Enschede | NOW

In the night from Thursday to Friday, an ATM attack was committed at an ATM in Enschede. Two suspects took off on a scooter, the Overijssel police reports. It is unknown whether they have stolen money. The bombing took place just before 4.30 am at a shopping center on the Wesseler-Nering in Enschede-Zuid. The photos […]