Jiří Gavor: Diesel will cost over 40 crowns due to the embargo

How will the introduction of the EU embargo affect the Czech Republic? Not overnight, as Europe has stocked up quite nicely. It was preparing for the embargo and stocked up on Russian products. In the last few months, purchases from Russia have increased compared to the previous period. The embargo is coming now, but when […]

New oil sanctions against Russia apply

Oil products from Russia may no longer be imported into the European Union from this Sunday. The import restriction is based on a sanctions regulation passed by the 27 member states last June because of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. It came into force shortly after the decision, but provided for a long […]

What are the dangers of buying a house seized by the Treasury at auction?

While acquiring a property isn’t within everyone’s reach, they are there alternatives that help so that the outlay is not so high and therefore being an owner becomes a reality. To date, the properties up for auction are a great opportunity for anyone interested in buying a cheaper housing. Houses which, on occasion, can be […]

What is Russia’s response to the oil price cap?

The Russian president Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on countermeasures against the imposition of cap on Russian oil prices from the West. According to the February decree, Russia will not supply oil to countries that have “directly or indirectly” joined these sanctions. It remains to be seen how this will be implemented in practice. […]

how will this affect Putin’s income? – Exclusive TSN – tsn.ua

According to the information Reuters, at least 20 ships are queuing to pass from Russian Black Sea ports to the Mediterranean. All because of the new insurance rules introduced by Turkey even before the start of the “ceiling” on the price of Russian oil, which took effect on Monday, December 5th. Moreover, judging by press […]

How is it possible that Iran, subject to powerful sanctions for 10 years, has weapons of an order of magnitude better than those of the Russian Federation? / GORDON

Podolyak said the Iranian side’s admission to transfer an allegedly small number of drones to Russia prior to a full-scale invasion seems “a bit strange”. “That is, they delivered more than 1,000 pre-war drones, which they began to use only after Russia practically lost the war on the battlefield. That is, to destroy our infrastructure, […]

Munich Airport: Hunt for water buffalo in Africa falls through

München – The two Austrians (42 and 47) and a 44-year-old German wanted to fly from Munich to Harare via Doha at the weekend. The 47-year-old, his wife and their companion planned to go water buffalo hunting in Zimbabwe. They also had three double-barreled rifles belonging to the 47-year-old in their luggage. Although the hunter […]

The United States and Canada are stepping up pressure on Russian oil

The United States is in talks with Canada and other allies to further limit Moscow’s energy revenues by imposing price ceiling for Russian oilFinance Minister Janet Yellen said on Monday. Speaking to reporters in Toronto, along with Canadian Finance Minister Christie Freeland, Yellen said it was a price cap or price exemption that would strengthen […]

Traders supply Russian oil, hiding its origin – WSJ

Photo: Getty Images The largest increase in Russian oil exports came to India – – In general, Russian oil exports recovered in April after falling in March, when the first sanctions came into force. It increased to 8.1 million barrels per day. The EU has imposed a ban on the import of Russian oil, but […]

The EU will cut imports of Russian oil by 92%, and another embargo awaits Putin

Macron also does not rule out the imposition of an embargo on gas supplies to the EU from Russia. Macron said that by the end of 2022, the European Union will reduce imports of Russian oil by 92% / photo REUTERS Against the background of Russia’s full-scale military invasion of the territory of independent Ukraine, […]