New covid diagnostic test unmasks false negatives

Sometimes the coronavirus is elusive: it is there, but it does not show its face in the tests. It escapes the sensitivity of PCR tests, which are negative even though the person is infected. These false negatives are beginning to be detected thanks to a new diagnostic test that has been applied since June at […]

What health problems affect women in a special way?

Although it is often not noticed, men and women do not get sick the same, nor do they have the same symptoms or react in the same way to treatments. A fact that for centuries was not taken into account by medicine, whose prism was eminently masculine, as well as that of society as a […]

Sensational news related to the insidious cancer disease

If it turns out to be possible to diagnose cancer at an earlier stage with a blood test, this would be a great advance in the treatment of the disease. The United States has developed just such a test, but its reliability is not indisputable, writes “Deutsche Welle“. A blood test developed by GRAIL in […]

Experts consider COVID-19 antibody tests unreliable

Photo: Coronavirus antibody tests are unreliable This kind of diagnostics does not allow us to draw convincing conclusions about the level of a person’s immune defense. Experts have denied the appropriateness of the antibody test, as its performance is highly unreliable. This was announced by the Koronavirus_info Telegram channel. “As shown by scientific studies, […]

New diagnostics detect ‘untraceable’ genetic abnormalities

‘Expansion Hunter’ methode The researchers showed that the ‘Expansion Hunter’ method detects errors in the DNA that lead to repeat expansion diseases, such as the movement disorder ataxia. This result offers fellow researchers worldwide a guideline for the application of this method, because it increases the chance of finding genetic causes. 20,000 genes in human […]

DiaSorin acquires Luminex, $ 1.8 billion merger – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 11 – DiaSorin announces that it has signed a merger agreement for the acquisition of the American company Luminex Corporation for a cash price of $ 37 per share, equal to an equity value and an enterprise value of approximately 1.8 billion dollars “. “We are excited about this transaction which […]

In Moscow, authorities will track the location of people with ARVI :: Society :: RBC

Moscow City Hall equalized quarantine regimes for people with confirmed coronavirus infection and for those who have symptoms of acute respiratory infections, and decided to monitor the geolocation of people with acute respiratory viral infections Photo: Sergey Kiselev / AGN “Moscow” The Moscow authorities decided to track the geolocation of not only people with a […]

Than 2-year-old Renault Duster disappointed the owner

Even a trifle can make you regret buying a Duster. There are enough admirers of the good old Duster – only in February of this year, Russian dealers sold 2043 copies of the most popular crossover on the market, Renault. They love the “Frenchman” at an affordable price and relative comfort, at least in comparison […]

The first problems LADA Vesta SW Cross 2020 with a range of 15 thousand km

But what about the carbon filter was not enough? The owner has owned the car for 5 months in the configuration of “Lux-Prestige”, engine 1.8, AMT 2.0. On the run of 15 thousand km, it’s time to undergo the first maintenance. 7 thousand was the declared amount with Shell Helix oil. If you choose Rosneft, […]