Companies and freelancers affected by Brexit will receive aid

The self-employed affected by Brexit will have aid from the central government. The Council of Ministers has already approved the regulatory bases for the direct granting of the subsidies of the ICEX-Brexit program. The program proposes to cover 75% of the expenses of Spanish companies and the self-employed who have been affected by the departure […]

TSE inaugurates the Electoral Process Operations Center

The plenary session of magistrates Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) inaugurated on Tuesday Electoral Process Operations Center (COVER)from where the logistics of the electoral process are coordinated at the national level. Said Center has administrative and logistical personnel, from which the inter-institutional coordination is established, in addition to the preparation of the electoral boxes destined for […]

Shakira: How do you listen to Shakira’s BZRP Music Sessions #53 in metal version? The result will surprise you | Shakira | PelleK | Bizarre | Metal Cover | Gerard Pique | Pique | Clara Chia | SHOWS

Updated 02/10/2023 06:38 PM m. Singer-songwriter Per Fredrik Åsly, better known as PelleK, released a power metal cover of the song “BZRP Music Sessions #53″, a musical collaboration between Shakira and Bizarrap. MIRA: Shakira was moved to tears with a gift from Carlos Vives for her birthday | VIDEO The song, which belongs to the […]

Jennifer Lopez Announces New Album | free press

It’s been eight years since “AKA”. Now Jennifer Lopez has announced a new album, which is expected to be released in 2023. The Angels. Exactly twenty years after the release of her album This Is Me… Then, Jennifer Lopez has announced a follow-up album. “This Is Me… Now” contains 13 songs and is scheduled for […]

the rich official selection of the fiftieth anniversary

The Official Selection of this decidedly forward-thinking edition offers, once again, a broad and rich palette of albums from independent publishers. Alison Bechdel / Denoël Graphic / Neyef / Rue de Sèvres. Allary/Riad Sattouf The event dedicated to the ninth art has unveiled the 46 competing albums from its 50And edition, which will be held […]

Philippe Maneuver launches the Golden Elvis for the best rock comic!

Par Olivier Delcroix Published on 03/19/2022 at 17:56, Update on 03/19/2022 at 18:44 Hervé Desinge, Philippe Manoeuvre, Laetitia Coryn and Tanino Liberatore have elected the Golden Elvis for the best rock comic of the year: 😎 parano by Benoît Cardonnel, published by Also not bad. © Marie Decreme MAINTENANCE – Taking advantage of the Charente […]

‘Jair Bolsonaro is the worst person for Brazil’

Par Olivier Delcroix Published on 03/28/2022 at 10:13, Update on 03/28/2022 at 12:48 Brazilian cartoonist Marcello Quintanilha won the award for best comic album at the Angoulême festival with Listen beautiful Márcia (Editions Here and There). © Antoine Guibert for the FIBD: 9eArt+/Çà et Là editions. INTERVIEW – The author ofListen beautiful Márcia, Award for […]

Awakening Sheikhs Adopted All Myths • Newspaper Al Marsad

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Author Abdullah bin Bakheet claimed that due to the fact 1979 and before, Saudi society had social customs and traditions at the time it was engaged in Islam, and there was a clear difference between them. What is the big difference among hedging and hijab? He extra for the duration of his posting: […]

Interpretation of women’s difficulties in the place of work

First title: Interpretation of women’s problems at perform and in the loved ones Job interview with Ma Su: Lifetime is entire of chicken feathers, but you have to roll up your sleeves and perform difficult | Address the conference area “The willows are darkish and the bouquets are shiny, the twists have changed, the family […]

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