the 1st victim in Guinea could have infected 155 other people

Marburg virus disease, detected in Guinea, is a slightly less deadly cousin of the Ebola virus, for which there is no vaccine or treatment, and which manifests as an acute fever with internal and external bleeding resulting in death in 50% of cases on average. – Where does the virus come from? The disease – […]

Photo : Tegal Alur Crematorium Free – Crematorium officers collect the bones of the bodies of Covid-19 victims at the collaborative crematorium of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government with the United Teguh Association (HBT) at the Tegal Alur TPU, Jakarta, Thursday (29/7/2021). The existence of this free crematorium can make it easier for the public to cremate the bodies of […]

Top Scientist: Pentagon UFO Report Shows Incomprehensible Physics – UFO technology discovered by the US Navy that was the subject of a recent investigation by the US Department of Defense or the Pentagon, according to a leading scientist uses technology “we don’t understand.” According to The Daily Star, Wednesday July 14, 2021, a long-awaited official Pentagon report on an unidentified flying object […]

Megatrend creates challenges for insurers

Frankfurt, Munich Landlords on the Airbnb housing platform have always paid insurance – they just don’t notice it right away. Insurance coverage in the event that a customer falls down the stairs during their stay is included in the overall product. A so-called “embedded insurance”. One of the major trends in the insurance industry is […]

how many deaths from Covid could have been avoided in lost time

The “Learning over time” to which the Chief of Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero, referred to explain why the Argentine Government decided to modify by DNU recently 8 months later the law that prevented him from buying Pfizer vaccines cost Argentina many deaths. It is known: the more vaccines are given, fewer lives are lost. The mathematical […]

Vaccine Vaccine Appointment | The appointment to get vaccinated can be changed in Valencia

Health will make it possible to adapt vaccination appointments to holidays The Ministry of Health will allow adapting the appointment that each Valencian receives to get vaccinated against covid-19 “to planned trips or vacations” in order to also promote “emotional recovery” from the pandemic. This was announced by the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, […]

Eight: A Solar Ring Eclipse Coincides with the New Moon Phase June 10th – The National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (Lapan) said the annular solar eclipse phenomenon will occur to coincide with the new moon phase. Namely on June 10, 2021. “The annular solar eclipse cannot be observed from Indonesia, it can only be observed from the area around the north pole,” said Head of the […]

WHO: Vaccination Rate of 80 Percent Way Out of the Covid-19 Pandemic – Top WHO officials estimate that at least 80 percent of Covid-19 vaccination coverage is needed to significantly lower the chance that imported coronavirus cases could result in new cases or spawn a wider outbreak. The WHO’s Head of Emergency, Dr Michael Ryan, said in the end, “high levels of vaccination coverage are the […]