The main myth about the decline of civilization on Easter Island is refuted

Statues on Easter Island The Rapa Nui population was resilient to climate and environmental changes. Its collapse is not associated with demographic collapse. Scientists from Binghamton State University of New York, along with British colleagues from Cambridge, came to the conclusion that Easter Island (Rapa Nui) did not experience the demographic collapse that was previously […]

Mattarella remembers Vittorio Gassman, a masterful talent – Politics

“Twenty years have passed since the death of Vittorio Gassman, but the sign that has affected Italian theater and cinema is still alive in the memory and culture of our country. On the day of the anniversary, I wish to express closeness to family members and those who have it known, appreciated and were able […]

Eight expansions in new season pass Civilization 6 | News –

Eight expansions in new season pass Civilization 6 | News Eight expansions in Civilization 6 Power Unlimited’s new Season Pass Civilization VI gets a Season Pass Want with New Frontier Firaxis announces Civilization 6 New Frontier Pass on Gamersnet / News / Civilization VI gets New Frontier season pass FOK! View full story […]

Edgar Morin: “Feel the community of destinies of all humanity more than ever”

Confined, he says he felt “Psychically projected into permanent communication and communion” with the world to which he remains virtually connected. He who has always lived fully, whose century of existence is made up of perpetual displacement and political and intellectual commitments. Born in 1921, Edgar Morin, sociologist, philosopher, “Humanologist”, he says, world famous writer, […]