The highlights of the Christmas market in Palma de Mallorca

Natural for all skin types From the packaging design to the labels to the content: María López has done everything by hand with her care products, which she sells under the name “Spallorca”. There are salt peelings, firm creams made from olive oil in heart boxes that are practical for travel, and soaps Made from […]

Which take place, which don’t?

Mulled wine, waffles and many gift ideas actually shape the run-up to Christmas on the Christmas and Advent markets in Germany. But this year everything is different. Which markets are down because of the pandemic? To protect against corona infection, many cities have already decided to do their this year Christmas Market to cancel. Others […]

Entrepreneurs slowed down: the mulled wine taxi stopped by the authorities | Regional

Nordhorn (Lower Saxony) – 2500 lights, four mulled wine stoves, an open fire, fir branches and a snow cannon on the roof. The mulled wine taxi from event restaurateur Hayk Avetisyan (32) from Nordhorn in Grafschaft Bentheim brings Christmas shine. The simple and ingenious idea: “Call mulled wine.” To do this, he converted his van […]

That’s how it works in Leipzig

“We’d like to get a little bit of that Christmas feeling.” Packed with bags and walking with son Noah (3) Michaela winner on the first Saturday of shopping in Advent through the Leipziger City. “We have already taken a photo of our son under the Christmas tree in the market,” says the employee (36). And […]

Corona brings the end to Christmas markets – WESER-KURIER

In Essen, the Christmas market should actually start on November 14, 2020. Photo: Roland Weihrauch / dpa (Roland Weihrauch / dpa) The big Christmas market in Duisburg would have started this Thursday – two and a half weeks before the 1st Advent. That was already the case in 2019 and therefore earlier than ever, as […]

Corona in Germany: Christmas with a difference – politics

The first explorations in the families have already begun and serious negotiations are likely to follow soon. Who can visit their grandparents at Christmas without exposing them to an increased risk of infection? How many friends or relatives can celebrate with each other in good conscience without endangering themselves and others? Is singing under the […]

after those in Lyon and Grenoble, the Annecy Christmas market also canceled

View of Annecy – © AlexSavoie CC Cancellations follow one another. After the cancellation of the Christmas markets in Lyon and Grenoble, the one in Annecy was also canceled. Also because of the health crisis in the region. The Annecy Christmas market is also canceled this year. The Christmas market was to be held from […]

Hattingen Marketing expects the Christmas market in 2021

Hattingen: With a heavy heart, those responsible canceled this year’s nostalgic Christmas market in the city center. City marketing assumes, however, that the market could begin next year in Advent after Sunday of the Dead. A normal event year is being planned in 2021. Dates have been set for all events despite the pandemic. They […]