“Servants of the people” staged a demarche in the Rada

Photo: rada.gov.ua The meeting of the conciliation council ended prematurely The heads of the committees left the meeting of the conciliation board, as it “turned into a platform for false statements and manipulations.” The heads of parliamentary committees on Monday, October 4, left the meeting of the conciliation council. “Today, the conciliation council, unfortunately, has […]

The topics of the meeting of Zelensky and Biden are known

Vladimir Zelensky The heads of state will discuss several blocks of issues: energy security, Russian aggression in the Black Sea, and justice reforms. The Presidents of the United States and Ukraine, Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelenskiy, will discuss security issues, including energy, and reform issues, in particular, justice, during their meeting in Washington in late […]

Biden talks to Putin about Russian hackers

Biden and Putin talked about cyberattacks The heads of the two countries talked by phone and discussed cyberattacks from the territory of the Russian Federation and humanitarian aid to Syria. US President Joe Biden called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to influence Russian hackers. This, in particular, was discussed during a telephone conversation that took […]

the first person convicted of the assault on the Capitol escapes prison

A federal judge pronounced Wednesday, June 23 the first sentence related to the assault on the Capitol, sparing the prison to an American who made an act of contrition. Ahead of the hearing, Anna Morgan-Lloyd had reached a plea-guilty agreement with prosecutors, admitting to having entered the seat of Congress illegally on January 6, when […]

no commission of inquiry into the January 6 assault on the Capitol

ANALYSIS – The refusal of the Republican senators to see the formation of this commission of inquiry follows a clear political logic, even if it is perhaps short-sighted. The assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 was, for the majority of Americans, a trauma comparable to that caused by two other dramatic days in […]

Capitol invaded. Who are the five people who died in the riots?

Five people died in riots on Capitol Hill in Washington last Wednesday. A woman close to the QAnnon The death and personality of Ashli ​​Babbitt, the 35-year-old woman from California, were the most commented on. She was killed by the police inside the Capitol, while she was part of a group trying to cross a […]

Conspiracies, pro-arms, neo-Nazis… Who are the Capitol rioters?

Who are these supporters of Donald Trump, doped by his rhetoric to the point of sowing chaos in the precincts of the American Parliament? Many have now been identified, including the woman fatally injured when the violence began. Here are the main elements collected on each of them, mostly active on social networks. Richard Barnett, […]