More and more people from Krefeld are leaving the church

February 17, 2021 at 6:30 a.m. Paid content: Church in Krefeld : Resigning from the Church: The Krefeld District Court is fully booked until April At the district court you have to personally declare your departure from the church. Photo: dpa / Oliver Berg Krefeld Fewer Christians left the Church in 2020 than in 2019, […]

Is opening up certain ministries to women a step forward?

► “A step towards formalizing the role of women in the Church” Father Benjamin Kigninlman Koné, Ivorian ecclesiologist, specialist in questions on the place of women in the Church (1) I see this courageous initiative by Pope Francis as a sign of hope, a positive note which confirms the openness of the Church. He has […]

Bordeaux. A demonstration “hijacked” in mass by traditionalist Catholics, at the

At least 300 people once again prayed this Sunday November 29 at Bordeaux (Gironde) during a mass, this time organized in the public garden, relays France Blue Gironde. The organizers had nevertheless assured the prefecture that “Protest demonstration” had to stand there, report Bordeaux News. The municipality assures that it had never authorized such an […]

Confinement. New gatherings of Catholics for the return of mass

Mass, a basic necessity : Catholics gathered again this Sunday, November 22 in front of churches and cathedrals in several large cities in France to demand the return of mass, banned during the confinement. This was particularly the case in the West, in the Pays de la Loire, at Rennes or Vannes. Kneeling in the […]

When will there be women pastors or bishops? ask catholics

To be a woman bishop, parish priest, deacon, nuncio … incongruity ? Several Catholic women ask, symbolically, to access positions reserved for a long time to the clergy, male. Formed as a collective, they seek to internationalize their approach. There are seven of them, from very different backgrounds. One is a colonel of the Air […]