4 Good Vegetables for Diabetes Sufferers

KOMPAS.com – When diagnosed with diabetes, it is important for someone to always take care of their food intake for health. In this diet arrangement, there are several types of vegetables that are good for consumption by diabetics. This vegetable has characteristics or contains various nutrients that can help lower blood sugar levels and prevent […]

Cholesterol-lowering juices, can you make any fruit and vegetables? All pages

KOMPAS.com – Cholesterol height is still a threat to health. If allowed, cholesterol height can trigger chest pain or angina, heart attacks, and strokes. Luckily, this risk factor for heart disease can be controlled with fruits and vegetables made into juices. Interestingly, fruit and vegetables for cholesterol lowering juice in this list we are very […]

Tv: Inger Nilsson, Pippi Longstocking is still a model – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, 02 SEP – “A girl of today Pippi Longstocking would say to be herself, to dress as she likes and not to do like the others if she is not sure. When Astrid Lindgren’s book came out, and the same thing happened with the TV series, some did not consider this character […]