Cardi B shows her rear guard modeling with a heart attack bodysuit

Cardi B He took advantage of his popularity on social networks to post a sensual video on Instagram that is causing a stir. This Thursday, the rapper appeared in a short clip modeling a sexy outfit consisting of gold heels and a tight brown bodysuit that allows to appreciate her legs and voluptuous rear. “THE […]

This was the presentation of Cardi B at the 2021 Grammys

United States.- The recent edition of the awards Grammy was marked by the female presence on stage and one of the favorites of the night was Cardi B performing her hits’Up‘ Y ‘WAP‘, making it clear why she is one of the rappers of the moment and the recognition she has achieved thanks to her […]

The singer who her own fans kicked out of Twitter

Last Friday, American singer Cardi B made the abrupt decision to eliminate her twitter account. The page was closed the night of that Friday and a good part of Saturday following. But why did he take such an abrupt step? As often happens on social media and, above all, with characters from the show, every […]

Cardi B releases single: “Up”

Cardi B, Grammy winner and multi-platinum artist, announced the release of his new single: “Up”, which was produced by DJ SwanQo & Young Dza, and is now available on all music streaming platforms and the official video directed by Tanu Munio. Along with the new track, the series of Cardi B, ‘Cardi Tries’, is available […]

Cardi B got in a better body to promote her new music

Mexico. The singer Cardi B put on a better body to promote her new music and from behind she shows it with a daring image. Through Twitter he recently announced that his new single is Up and the album is already on sale online. Cardi B, singer of other songs like Like it Y Wap […]

Gray streaks and no make-up – what quarantine did to the stars! – People

Hello white hair! Because of Corona, it is often said: Stylists and hairdressers have to stay at home. Of course, this leaves its mark on stars who prefer to present themselves from their chocolate side. And suddenly the hair stands off the head like weeds, the hairline turns gray and the make-up is smeared! The […]

Cardi B avoids collaborations due to shyness | NOW

Cardi B enters into fewer musical collaborations than she would actually like. The rapper tells Wednesday in conversation with Billboard that her shyness is getting in her way. Cardi B says that after the appearance of WAP, the song she made with Megan Thee Stallion, a lot of rumors arose about a possible fight between […]

Cardi B finally cuts through the divorce with Offset | NOW

Cardi B still wants to stay married to Offset. Earlier there were rumors that a divorce would be and according to TMZ the artist has now submitted a request to continue with it definitively. A judge still has to approve the request before the divorce is officially over. Cardi B would like to retain the […]

Cardi B removes Twitter account after criticism of husband Offset | NOW

Cardi B has decided to delete her Twitter account after she came under criticism over reuniting with husband Offset. “I am getting so tired of this,” said the 28-year-old rap star during an Instagram Live session. Cardi B actually wanted to separate from the rapper, but announced last week that she still wants to give […]