The Ministry of Internal Affairs told about the results of a comprehensive examination of the case of the death of Chornovil

The investigation into the circumstances of the death of Ukrainian politician Vyacheslav Chornovil in 1999 continues, although “some of the defendants are no longer alive, and there is not much material,” the Interior Ministry said. A comprehensive forensic, transport-traceological and autotechnical examination concluded that the leader of the People’s Rukha of Ukraine Vyacheslav Chornovil was […]

Tragedy that Phayao collides with 3 bodies of kinship pickup 1 more

March 2, 2021 23:27 Dark way – without fire, the truck jumped across the other lane. Coordinate with another On Chambon-San Pu Loei Road, Phayao Province, 1 fatal injury, 2 deaths, and 1 death while sending the hospital, including 3 corpses, while the villagers saw the shocking incident. When walking to see because both cars […]

Tiger Woods: Tiger Woods survives car accident, tiger woods suffers serious injuries

Highlight: American golf legend Tiger Woods’ car crashes Surgery on both legs of Woods, who was seriously injured in the accident Woods has won 15 major golf titles, including 5 major championships CALIFORNIA: Golf legend Tiger Woods has survived a car crash, police say. The accident happened on the border between Rolling Hills Estates and […]

Young Lose the balance and hit the tree Hit the light pole, extinguish the pair that

Young Racing pcx takes the last female rajabhat Crashed, hit a tree, died in front of Bhumibol Hospital, the police expected to drive quickly, crashed the footpath, glide, hit the tree, hit the light pole. At 3:00 AM on February 12, 64, Police Lieutenant Colonel Tossapol Ruenpitak, Deputy Sor. (Investigation) Saimai Police, received notification of […]

More than 100 car crashes in the US have killed 5 people.

There was a car crash on a freeway in Texas. More than 100 vehicles in the United States and at least five deaths were caused by wet roads. Until the driver could not control the car Today (12 Feb. 2021) foreign news agencies reported. The accident occurred at 23 points on a freeway in Fort […]