the best summer after-hours are spent with these movies

What a human being can enjoy with table-tops! And as it says Manuel Vicent “At lunch you never sit at the table with someone you dislike. Remember that the diners who accompany you will be more important than the food for a good digestion. Laughter is very digestive. Otherwise eat little and do it slowly […]

Protesters force Fandakova to leave Golden Feather ceremony

Yordanka Fandakova PHOTO: Archive Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova left the Golden Feather ceremony, which took place in the capital’s Largo, after a group of a dozen people came and started chanting, BGNES reported. “European Music Festival” awarded prominent Bulgarian artists and culture with the “Golden Pen” award. The solemn, 26th in a row Golden Pen […]

[날씨] The cold wave has come again… Short, strong snow pours

The dust was cleared up by the biting cold wind. Instead, the cold wave came again. Currently, cold weather warnings are in effect nationwide, and strong wind warnings are also issued on the coast and in some Yeongnam areas. Tomorrow (16th), the whole country will fall below zero, and the wind will be stronger from […]

the real negotiation starts now

As of today, it may seem early to examine the consequences of new Trade and Cooperation Agreement to which the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU) have signed. This agreement, which is lengthy in details, nevertheless authorizes some preliminary reflections. It is the agreement that we all expected. Not the one we wanted, but […]

When music and wine travel together

One of the best pairings is the one between wine and music. Although it might seem that to appreciate the qualities of a good wine concentration is the best way, this can come on board a musical journey. It is the new proposal by Ramón Bilbao, which takes this experience to the limit to enjoy […]

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The compact disc (CD for short) is an optical storage medium that was introduced by Philips / PolyGram and Sony in the early 1980s for digital storage of music and was intended to replace the record. The format of the compact disc was later expanded in order to be able to store more than just […]

Almost 40% of the price of oranges goes to taxes

38.3% of the average price of a kilo of oranges It corresponds to national and provincial taxes and municipal rates, with which the State in its three levels is the main beneficiary each time a consumer buys the fruit, according to a survey carried out by the Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME). The tax […]