Why Putin treated Medvedev like Zhivkov and stopped him as head of the Duma

Probably the low rating of the leader of “United Russia” would reduce the deputies from the ruling party Probably with the five that the president has chosen as leaders, he is looking for a way to calm the pandemic, the family, the army and the traditional voter who wants firmness towards the West Probably the […]

Cinema resurrects: ‘A quiet place 2’ and ‘Cruella’, box office record

Emma Stone finds Cruella de Vil in ‘Cruella’ ‘A quiet place 2’ and ‘Cruella’ exceeded expectations by achieving the best collection at the box office of the entire pandemic this weekend, which exceeded the 80 million dollars together. With the 72% of the rooms open, This long weekend – since Monday was a holiday in […]

China has invaded Taiwan’s air defense zone with eight fighters

Ministry of Defense of Taiwan announces new Chinese air force invasion of air defense identification zone on the island, composed of eight fighter jets and two other aircraft, one of whom flew through the strategic channel Bashi, Reuters reported. Taiwan, to which China has territorial claims, has complained in recent months of repeated Chinese air […]

“No help for women’s rights”… Bad comments pouring into Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon covered with Murakata Nonoka’s video-Reporter Lee Chang-gyu

[이창규 기자] Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Taeyeon covered the video of Murakata Nonoka, the silver prize winner in the Japanese nursery rhyme contest, and there were bad comments about it. Recently, in a representative cafe in Yeocho, bad comments about Taeyeon, who covered the video of Nonoka, continued. The members of the cafe pointed out Taeyeon’s […]

very quiet area in Marcq-en-Barœul before midnight

In Marcq-en-Barœul, the number of municipal police has been doubled with two mobile patrols on call until 6 a.m. and two agents at the urban supervision center (CSU). ” I didn’t have much trouble finding candidates for this New Year’s Eve permanence, smiles Alain Chastan, deputy mayor responsible in particular for public tranquility, because most […]

Coronavirus : New York: Die rote Zone

Those who still dare to go out wear face masks and keep their distance … Photo: ddp / Instar New YorkIt’s been less than 24 hours since New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio closed the city’s restaurants, bars and schools and compared the fight against the coronavirus to a war, but here on the Hudson there […]