NATO is preparing a new plan for countering the Russian Federation – media

NATO is preparing a new plan to counter Russia It provides for the possibility of a simultaneous attack in the Baltic and Black Sea regions, including with the potential use of nuclear weapons, cyber weapons and space systems. Defense ministers of NATO member states at a meeting in Brussels plan to approve a new plan […]

Great danger! Terrible plague threatens the Black Sea PHOTO

Not only the Sea of ​​Marmara is in danger, but also the Black Sea, where global warming is also threatening marine life, Turkish scientists have been quoted as saying by the Hurriyet Daily News and other local media. Monitor. As a result of global warming, the water temperature in the Black Sea is rising abnormally, […]

A ship carrying nitrogen fertilizers runs aground off the coast of Bulgaria

Photo: Twitter Dry cargo ship VERA SU has been immobilized for four days There is no immediate threat to the Black Sea ecology yet. However, local residents fear that during a storm, the ship could crash on the rocks. On the northern coast of Bulgaria, near the village of Kamenny Bereg, a dry cargo ship […]

Canadian fighters accepted two Russian Su-24s

Canadian military planes stationed in Romania, together with their Romanian counterparts, intercepted two Russian planes over the Black Sea, the North Atlantic Alliance announced, noting that the incident happened yesterday, Digi TV reported. “The Canadian detachment, sent to Romania since the beginning of September, carried out its first interception operation as part of a reinforced […]

The ship “Black Prince” sank to our shores with gold for $ 2 billion on board

A ship loaded with tons of golden guineas destined for the Anglo-French troops probably sank off the Bulgarian coast, writes Standard News bg. However, the estimated $ 2 billion treasure remains undiscovered to this day. There are many legends and divers believe that this ship is located in their area, but it may be all […]

In the Russian Federation, they told how the British ship was “bombed”

The bombs were dropped at a distance of less than a kilometer from the destroyer The Russian plane carried out bombing along the course of the destroyer Defender at a distance of less than one kilometer. The Russian Ministry of Defense told some details about the incident with the British ship Defender, which occurred off […]

Turkey began to use gas produced in the Black Sea

Photo: Screenshot Fatih vessel discovers new gas fields in the Black Sea Turkey has carried out drilling operations in the Black Sea despite attempts to thwart it with sanctions, threats, blackmail and intimidation, President Erdogan said. Turkey first started using natural gas, which was produced in the Black Sea. President of the country Recep Tayyip […]

“Significantly strengthened peace and security.” US Navy ships leave the Black Sea

“USNS Yuma (T-EPF-8) and USS Ross (DDG71) are carrying out southern transit across the strait from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean following exercises and operations with our allies and NATO partners,” the statement said. “By participating in the Sea Breeze and Breeze exercises, we were able to demonstrate our shared commitment to the security […]

Greek attack boat entered the Black Sea

Photo: Roussen HS Ypoploiarchos Daniolos P68 Daniolos P68 crossed the Bosphorus towards the Black Sea. He will take part in NATO exercises. The fast attack vessel of the Roussen HS class Ypoploiarchos Daniolos P68 of the Greek Navy on Saturday, July 10, entered the Black Sea. About it reported Bosphorus Observer Yoruk Ishik on […]