Nobel Prize in Physics to Penrose, Genzel and Ghez

The Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel e Andrea Ghez for their discoveries on black holes. The Swedish Academy of Sciences gave half the recognition to the British Roger Penrose “for the discovery that the formation of black holes is a robust prediction of the general theory of relativity” and […]

Advanced civilizations can use black holes as an energy source, according to new study

Scientists from college of Glaslow have experimentally verified the theory of how a advanced alien civilization you can use ours black holes To generate Energy. This postulate was born in 1969 and was suggested by the British physicist Roger Penrose, who affirmed that, when lowering an object to the ergosfera (outer horizon layer) of black […]

this cosmic object merged with a black hole and has scientists baffled

The mystery occurred in space approximately 800 million light years away. Scientists try to decipher the mystery of the fused mass. Scientists who are dedicated to the exploration and study of what is happening in space are shocked by an event that occurred on August 14, 2019. Three detectors at different international observatories received a […]

Light from a collision of two black holes?

When two black holes spiral around each other and finally collide, sending ripples in space and time called gravitational waves. Because black holes do not emit light, these impact events are not expected to glow with any light waves, or electromagnetic radiation. CUNY KE astrophysicists Saavik Ford and Barry McKernan, however, have come up with […]

Colors of the homeland Scientists discover a body 2.6 times the weight of the sun

​ Scientists have discovered a mysterious object at a distance of 800 million light-years from Earth using gravitational wave sensors, which is either one of the smallest black holes or one of the largest neutron stars discovered so far, according to Russian news agency “Sputnik”, quoting the “New York Times” newspaper. The “Advanced Virgo” scale […]

The existence of this monstrous black hole so soon after the Big Bang challenges astronomers

Recently discovered by astronomers, Pōniuā’ena is the second most distant quasar ever discovered. Its discovery sheds light on researchers’ theories regarding the formation of black holes. The astronomers Mauna Kea observatories in Hawaii have discovered that a Titan has an opaque atmosphere that prevents us from seeing the ground. The atmospheric pressure on the ground […]