2021 SS Casual Style Elegant Style Shoes by aosashi

Model: eey111 Availability : In Stock 2021 SS Casual Style Elegant Style Shoes Model: eey111 Availability : In Stock Choose color & size black x 22.5black x 23black x 23.5black x 24black x 24.5white x 22.5white x 23white x 23.5white x 24white x 24.5Silver x 22.5Silver x 23Silver x 23.5Silver x 24Silver x 24.5 Size […]

New York is flooded by massive rains as a result of Hurricane Ida’s delays

Hurricane Ida’s lags swept through New York, New Jersey and the northeast state early Thursday morning, triggering tornadoes, thunderstorms and torrential rains that flooded streets and crippled transportation services. Video of the flood posted on social media showed that major roads, airport terminals, baseball stadiums and subway stations were turned into children’s pools. The New […]

Oldest US bomber will get Rolls-Royce engines over GE and Pratt

Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc’s North American unit beat out General Electric Co. and today’s Pratt & Whitney to provide upgraded engines for the old Air Force B-52 bomber at a prize that could grow to $ 2. 6 billion, the Pentagon announced. Rolls-Royce received an initial $ 501 million, six-year base contract to supply 608 engines, […]

Law and the new industry in the world 4.0

Leonardo Espinosa Quintero The legal profession, without a doubt and in a paradoxical way, is undergoing a transformation like few others in its history. The recurrent use of technology by lawyers is increasingly common to resolve the different types of disputes that their clients raise with them. Some years ago, law firms were surprised by […]

Uncertainty in Latin America

Felipe Gonz√°lez, former Spanish president, a deep connoisseur of Latin America, was asked to describe the situation in the region, his laconic answer was: uncertainty. The other characteristic note that stood out was the frustration with the young people’s disenchantment with the no-future, with the denial of opportunities. He was meeting with rectors of Colombian […]

UK May Require Vaccine Passports For Large Venues This Month

The UK is considering a requirement for vaccine passports to be shown for access to large venues starting this month, but has yet to decide whether implement injections in healthy schoolchildren. “We are looking, at the end of September, when everyone has had the opportunity to be fully vaccinated, for the big places, places that […]

Economic growth: Asia vs. Latin America

Often the leaders themselves are unaware of the fundamental factors behind the economic cycles of their nations. This leads them to propose messianic agendas such as “we are going to make our nation great again, etc.”. But it turns out that these cycles of economic development are usually determined by what is known as the […]

Marketing needs

The long pandemic has made the needs of marketers and marketing organizations more and more, and to some extent complex, if we compare them with what could be called traditional, in addition to the way many managers consider marketing. The analyzes clearly show that there are fields of action for which marketing people require greater […]