In Australia, a magpie attacked a drone

Despite the owner’s attempts to steal the drone, the bird pecked at the device – and as a result, he fell to the ground. In Australia, a magpie attacked a drone whose owner was filming on the Sydney coast. The video of the “battle” was posted on Instagram by a blogger fabreezy_. The man was […]

Amazon is blocking Chinese retailers, forcing them to look for new sales channels

The decision of the American e-commerce giant Amazon to block Chinese retailers could accelerate the latter’s attempts to develop direct sales channels and their own platforms, people in the industry believe, Radio China reports. On Friday, the Shenzhen Trade Bureau held a closed-door meeting with about 10 leading companies in cross-border e-business to discuss the […]

DANS: Foreign services are attacking us in the dispute with the Macedonians over the language and history

Boyko Borissov and Zoran Zaev signed a friendship agreement in 2016 in Skopje. However, the Macedonians blocked the work of the commission, which is supposed to clear history textbooks of controversial issues. Pandemic intensifies disinformation and attempts at influence through “mask diplomacy” Foreign intelligence services have joined an attack on Bulgaria because of our country’s […]

more rapes and attempted homicides

The criminality recorded during 2020, the year of explosion of the pandemic, historical lows in the province of Malaga, with a drop of 16.7% and a total of 66,679 criminal offenses, compared to 80,056 in 2019. In addition to the pressure exerted by the security forces, the state of alarm decreed on 14 March by […]

five arrested in Wazemmes, after several thefts or attempts, and violence

Hit for his wallet, Tuesday On February 2, at around 5:10 p.m., the police from the Public Transport Security Service (SISTC) are on surveillance around the Wazemmes metro station, which is currently the scene of numerous snatching thefts to the detriment of Ilévia users. Suddenly, the officers notice a crowd nearby: three young men are […]

Sberbank will purchase on – Business – Kommersant

Sberbank intends to acquire 85% of the marketplace from the M.Video-Eldorado group and its founder, Alexander Tynkovan. The entire site is estimated at 10 billion rubles, Sberbank will invest about 30 billion rubles in its development. After an unsuccessful attempt to launch a marketplace with Yandex, the new partnership will allow the bank to […]

this is how they try to steal your WhatsApp account without you noticing

R.A. Madrid Updated:17/12/2020 01:58h save Related news Messaging apps don’t just store a large amount of information about the user. They also give access to your contacts. During the last months, an increase in attacks to steal the accounts of WhatsApp by using SMS-type messages. To do this, criminals often use “phishing”, which is the name […]