Receh’s IPO Stock Soars, A Jumbo Time Huddles

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A company engaged in the coconut oil processing industry, PT Indo Pureco Pratama Tbk (IPPE) listed its initial shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). IPPE’s share price shot up when it was first listed on the stock exchange board and this reversed with a big IPO whose shares collapsed when […]

Makes Drool, Rows of IPO 2021 Stocks Already Cuan Thousands Of Percent, JAKARTA – A number of issuers holding an initial public offering (IPO) throughout 2021 are able to provide returns to shareholders of up to thousands of percent. The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) has four new issuers at once on Monday (6/12/2021). PT Wira Global Solusi Tbk. (WGSH), PT PT Cisarua Mountain Dairy Tbk. (CMRY), […]

Cyber ​​Building 1 Fire, 3 AB Cannot Transaction

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) stated that there were at least three Exchange Members (AB) who were unable to make transactions due to a fire at Cyber ​​1 Building in Mampang, South Jakarta. IDX’s Director of Trading and Membership Arrangements Laksono Widodo said the broker had trading problems due to the […]

Jablonec – Alkmaar 1: 1, Jablonec dropped to a non-progressive place

Coach Petr Rada’s charges failed to repay the opponents’ outdoor defeat of 0: 1 in September. In the four-member table, they dropped from second place to third by a point behind Randers, who defeated 2: 1 Cluj in Denmark. The final match of group D will take place on the field of the Romanian team […]

Bukopin Bank Executives Resign

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A number of high-ranking PT Bank KB Bukopin Tbk (Bank Bukopin) resigned at once from their positions. The company conveys this information through the information disclosure of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (AT) there were three higher-ups who withdrew. First, Hari Wurianto resigned from his position as director. Bank Bukopin Corporate Secretary […]

Broker Code Closed, Blessing Or Misfortune?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- The Indonesia Stock Exchange has officially closed the code for stock brokers and investor types when stock trading takes place starting December 6, 2021, in order to reduce market driving while improving market governance. Chief Equity Officer of Jasa Utama Capital, Chris Apriliony, said that this decision gave retail investors some concern […]

12 Issuers Threatened To Be Expelled from the Exchange, Here’s the Leak

Jakarta – The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) revealed, as many as 12 listed companies have the potential to be delisted or written off by the stock exchange. The company has been suspended for 24 months or 2 years. “Until now, there are 12 listed companies that are still in a state of suspension for more […]

It drains my brain and nothing, unreal, angry Čvančar for the referee

Tomáš Čvančara scores a goal against Randers in the Conference League during the match in Jablonec. Illustrative photo. Vit Cerny, Reuters You only started as a substitute, did you want to prove all the more that you belong to the base? At the age of 21, I think I start quite a lot and regularly, […]

Revealed! Rows of Bad News Trigger JCI Nyungsep

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Instead of trying to penetrate the all-time high of 6,693, the Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) actually dropped, leaving the psychological level of 6,600 at the close of the first trading session on Thursday (28/10/2021). Investors seem to be still worried about Covid-19 cases in the country and in a number […]

BEI boss about Bukalapak’s stock: Recently it’s not good enough

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — President Director of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (AT) Inarno Djajadi said the movement of PT . shares Tbk (BUKA) is not doing well lately. The share price went below Rp700 per share this afternoon. “The recent performance (of Bukalapak’s shares) has not been good,” said Inarno in the Kafegama Webinar […]