Vaccination campaign by 13 Melle companies: 200 employees take part

Company doctor Elisabeth Gerling vaccinates an employee of a Mell company against the corona virus. Kirsten Muck Melle. In a vaccination campaign in the oat hall in Melle, almost 200 employees from 13 Melle companies were vaccinated against the corona virus on Saturday. The campaign was initiated by the Meller Network, an association of companies […]

The Mystery of the AstraZeneca Vaccine Blood Clotting, Is This the Cause?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – There is a lot of discussion about the news of a blood clotting case that is said to be related to the vaccine. The vaccines in question are the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson (J&J) COVID-19 vaccines. Until now, scientists around the world continue to find out and understand why the […]

Investors continue to hope for good quarterly reports

Frankfurt Do companies’ profits justify the high valuations of the stocks? There will be a lot of new answers to this question in the week from Monday.The housing giant will lay down on Tuesday Vonovia and the semiconductor specialist Infineon Numbers ahead. Half-time workers have recently been so scarce that production has been slowed in […]

US authorities advise to stop Johnson & Johnson

New York, Frankfurt, Brussels, Berlin The US group Johnson & Johnson (J&J) draws conclusions after thrombosis cases. J&J decided to “proactively” delay deliveries of the vaccine in Europe, the company announced on Tuesday. The US health authorities had previously advised an immediate suspension of corona vaccinations with the agent. The drug agency FDA and the […]

Decision with the scent of economic war: the `AstraZeneca scandal` throws Pfizer in the face. Who wins, who loses – News by sources

The vaccine crisis at Astra Zeneca creates opportunities in a market where demand is much higher than supply anyway. In this context, Pfizer executives informed investors about the “significant opportunity” to increase the prices of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, Business Insider announces. Read also: Nicușor Dan does NOT allocate money for the Cathedral of the Salvation […]

Vaccine Zoff: EU exports corona vaccine – also to Great Britain | Europe | DW

The dispute between the EU and Great Britain had ignited at the weekend: In an open letter, Council President Charles Michel wrote of a British “export ban” for vaccines. The British government immediately denied that there was no such ban. Prime Minister Boris Johnson again outraged the allegation on Wednesday at Question Time in the […]

What is the effectiveness and what side effects can it have

10,800 slots will be available daily. The appointment will be made for the period February 15 – March 6. Subsequently, every day, new slots will be allocated that will allow appointments for vaccination with AstraZeneca, until April 11. Unlike other vaccines, which could be given in different offices, the appointment will be made in the […]