Now there is a thaw along the southern borders of the Russian Federation: Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan are falling. Much work is being done in the Turkish / GORDON general staff

“Now, especially recently, this process has accelerated: there is destruction, or a thaw, along the southern borders of the Russian Federation. Countries are falling and falling. This is Kazakhstan, this is Tajikistan, Armenia and Azerbaijan “. said the expert. In his view, Turkey plays an important role in this process, which seeks to become a […]

EU mission on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Twitter / @Emmanuel Macron News from the NOS•today, 04:43•Modified today, 06:49 There will be a civilian mission from the European Union in the border area between Armenia and Azerbaijan. It states this in a joint statement that was distributed after negotiations between the two countries, led by French President Macron and President Michel of the […]

Anti-Chinese and anti-Russian moves! Pelosi made a surprise visit to Russia’s “backyard”, saying Putin did not protect allies | International | Newtalk News

– The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan has not abated for many years. Army artillery shelled each other last week Figure: Overturn from Niu Playing the Qin – – US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi paid a surprise visit to Armenia on the 18th. She condemned the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia was initiated by Azerbaijan […]

Royalties strengthen the economy of the coffee family in Cordoba

Region | 19 September 2022 | 00:00 | Written by: Web Administrator 0 comments A total of 110 coffee farmers in the municipality of Córdoba are beneficiaries of the project called “Implementation of a Peasant Economy Model for Sustainable Coffee Production and Protection of the Coffee Cultural Landscape in the Municipality of Córdoba”, which aims […]

Azerbaijan ambassador claims attack by Armenian citizens on the embassy in France

Azerbaijan Ambassador to France Rahman Mustafayev spoke about the attack on his country’s embassy in Paris. He called the attackers “Armenian fanatics”. “Armenian fanatics living in France attacked the Azerbaijani embassy,” Mustafayev wrote on Twitter. He also complained that the French authorities do not adequately protect the Azerbaijani embassy. From the footage of the surveillance […]

Pelosi arrived in Armenia amidst the conflict with Azerbaijan

During his visit, Pelosi will hold meetings with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, Speaker of Parliament Alen Simonyan and other high-ranking officials, as well as visit the Tsitsernakaberd Genocide Memorial and perform at the Cafesjian Center for the Arts, according to the agency. Pelosi is the highest US official to visit Armenia since independence. –

Xi’s solo and a new “stab in the back” to Putin – UNIAN

The SCO summit started in Samarkand. But, despite Putin’s satisfied face in his meetings with the leaders of the participating countries, his mood is so-so. All because of the upcoming aggravation of the Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict. In 2020, when Azerbaijan managed to conduct a successful military operation to bring part of the Nagorno-Karabakh territories back under […]

On September 15, Armenia declared a truce with Azerbaijan

However, according to him, there is no document or agreement in preparation for signing with Baku. “Thanks to the involvement of the international community, it was possible to reach an agreement on a truce from 20.00 (19.00 Kiev time) on September 14. We hope that Azerbaijan will respect this agreement,” said Grigoryan. Azerbaijan has not […]