The Caja de Burgos Foundation invests in the Rice Group

The Caja de Burgos Foundation has reached an agreement to financially support, through its venture capital company (SCR) Asocia Inversión, the Rice Group, which means the entity’s landing in the local hospitality sector at the most delicate moment of the same. The operation is based on the granting of a participative loan worth 500,000 euros […]

No one offside | Burgos Daily News

It is estimated that up to 400 million video game players around the world – a third of the total – have some type of disability, although until recently the creators, the industry, did not take them very much into account and most of them had to search their own methods, from moving the chin […]

Burgos’ trade with the United Kingdom grows despite Brexit

The official exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, which has been completed these days half a year, seems to be not being as dramatic for foreign trade as could be foreseen at first. Despite the bad data for January, it has been recovering progressively over the following two months.At the end of […]

Xbox Mini Fridge | Burgos Daily News

Xbox officials took such jokes about the console’s resemblance to a refrigerator with such good humor that they sent “Xbox” coolers to rapper Snoopy Dog and actor The Rock. In early April they proposed a vote on Twitter to make mini-fridges. What started as a joke will thus become a real appliance. .

Failure | Burgos Daily News

One of the characteristics of the posture politics in which we develop resides in the fact that the transfer of power, contrary to what one might think, does not imply a transfer of responsibility. There are so many institutions that our provost only have breasts for the medals but not for striking contrition with the […]

Wijnaldum signs a pre-contract with Barcelona

Georginio Wijnaldum, Liverpool footballer, has signed a pre-contract with Barcelona for which he will arrive for free this summer, being the first signing of the new Laporta era. The Dutch midfielder ends his contract with Liverpool this summer and has not yet renewed, which will allow him to start for free from June 30. According […]

‘Supersoldiers’ against cancer | Burgos Daily News

The creation of specific white blood cell supersoldiers to drive an antitumor response has been demonstrated in a series of experiments conducted by researchers from the Princess Margaret Foundation of Canada, as published in the journal Molecular Cell. The research, led by doctoral candidate Helen Loo Yau, postdoctoral fellow Dr. Emma Bell, and senior scientist […]

“We kept censored books in a hallway”

* This article was published in the printed edition of Diario de Burgos on February 15. Every morning he hangs out at the bookstore. At 80 years of age and permanently retired only 5 years ago, he sits for a while in a corner of the premises, reviews the press and spends some time reading, […]

The Board will subsidize the rent to 1,341 Burgos

Six months and six days after the Board opened the annual call for housing rental subsidies, the regional administration yesterday announced their resolution. In the province of Burgos, up to 2,438 applications were registered in the territorial delegation, Which caused, under a scorching sun in the middle of August, endless lines. Half a year later, […]