Detecting brain tumors with a simple urine test

When a brain tumor has been removed from patients, there is a high chance that the tumor will come back. That is why they have a follow-up check with an MRI scan every three months. The researchers, led by Florent Moulière, based in Amsterdam UMC, and Richard Mair of the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, […]

Children of Peter de Vries († 64) say goodbye with an emotional obituary>news> July 17, 2021 – 5:31 pm Clock After a journalist was murdered in Amsterdam “A fearless and combative life on the barricades of right and wrong has come to an end”. With these emotional words, the children of the murdered Peter de Vries, Kelly and Royce, say goodbye in an obituary notice. It’s words […]

3D printed steel bridge unveiled in the Netherlands

Photo: New bridge in Amsterdam The structure was built in connection with the restoration of the old bridge. It is intended for pedestrians and cyclists. The opening ceremony of the world’s first 3D-printed steel bridge was held in the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. About it reported press service of the capital city council. […]

The shot Dutch journalist Peter de Vries died in hospital

Dutch investigative journalist Peter de Vries, who was shot a week ago on a street in Amsterdam, died in hospital. This was announced by RTL television, for which he worked. “Peter fought to the end, but he was not able to win this battle,” the family said in a statement, according to Dutch television RTL. […]

A well-known journalist in the Netherlands is in critical condition

The well-known investigative journalist in the Netherlands Peter de Vries is in critical condition, Reuters revealed The agency recalled that De Vries was in hospital after being shot dead on a street in Amsterdam last night. A journalist was shot dead in Amsterdam It’s about Peter de Vries Medical sources specified that the journalist was […]

A journalist was shot dead in Amsterdam –

A journalist was shot dead in Amsterdam. It’s about Peter de Vries, announced AP. The agency clarified that the shooting took place on Lange Laidesdwarstraat. It is located near one of the central squares of Amsterdam. Peter de Vries is a well-known journalist in the Netherlands for his investigations into the 1983 abduction of beer […]

Amsterdam Becomes the First City in the Netherlands to Apologize to Indonesia

Jakarta – City Amsterdam in the Netherlands became the first city to apologize for the slave trade in the colonial era in the past. The apology was also addressed to Indonesia. The apology was delivered directly by the Mayor of Amsterdam, Femke Halsema. He apologized that Amsterdam was actively involved in the colonial past. “On […]

Amsterdam Apologizes for Slavery Including in Indonesia

Amsterdam – Mayor Amsterdam in Holland apologizes for his city’s role in the slave trade that enriched the capital Netherlands This was in the colonial era in the past. “On behalf of this city, I apologize for the active involvement of the Amsterdam city council in the commercial system of colonial slavery and global human […]

“Star of David must experience the same solidarity as the rainbow flag”

Dhe Kuwaiti state airline Kuwait Airways has been boycotting the transportation of Israelis for a long time. No matter whether a transit takes place in Kuwait or not. Even German airlines cannot transport Israelis if they make a stopover in Kuwait, as they would be forbidden to get off there. The federal government had already […]