Four years later, the barriers that surrounded the Trump Tower in New York are over

Since November 2016, the Trump Tower – a skyscraper on New York’s 5th Avenue where the tycoon lived for a long time – had been surrounded by police barriers. They are now just a memory, New York police confirmed Thursday. The police had already somewhat reduced their presence around the tower that houses the billionaire’s […]

Trump to receive New York governor at the White House

US President Donald Trump announced Monday that he would receive the Democratic Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, who has become one of the figures in the fight against the coronavirus in the United States, on Tuesday. “He will be in the Oval Office tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon,” said Mr. Trump, who for several days has […]

“Hello, how are you?” Borat again speaks Czech and attracts a new scandal

British comedian Sascha Baron Cohen in the role of Borat speaks Czech again. The video, which advocates US President Rudy Giuliani’s personal lawyer, reads “Hello, how are you,” and Borat continues that the false media have turned the innocent meeting of the former mayor of New York with his 15-year-old daughter into a disgusting affair. […]

Trump speaks from the balcony and without a mask. Fans massed

His team of doctors has not officially dissolved the prognosis and above all has not clarified if Trump still tests positive for Covid-19. The American leader immediately tries to dispel the doubts: “First of all, I wanted to tell you that I feel great, how are you?”. The most important thing now is to be […]