USA: The white dream of “Buckxit” – America threatens a dangerous precedent

Aus from Bill White’s point of view, his home town of Buckhead, the richest and most beautiful neighborhood in Atlanta, has become a “war zone”. Crime, says the man, has risen dramatically. There are more break-ins and murders than before. You have to fear being shot everywhere: while shopping, filling up your car, while jogging. […]

Amazon Music celebrates Christmas with Jessi Uribe and Paola Jara with a new song

Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe. Photo: Instagram To start the Christmas celebrations, on December 7, Amazon Music presented an exclusive Amazon Original version of “Christmas without you” by Jessi Uribe and Paola Jara. The new song is available on the playlist “December’s holidays” in Amazon Music. “There is nothing to do with respect to the […]

Cologne: Full stadium, carnival – the number of cases is skyrocketing

business Corona Full stadium, carnival party – the children have to pay for the Cologne risk course Stand: 05:08 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes Sold out football stadium on November 27th: 1. FC Köln played against Borussia Mönchengladbach Quelle: Getty Images The Cologne city administration has so far taken it easy with carnival celebrations […]

Greens screw up the start of the traffic light: The Greens personnel fight is just an overture

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Tunnel flooded: Climate change threatens New York’s subway

business Extremwetter Flooded Subway – Climate change threatens New York’s lifeline Published on 09/06/2021 | Reading time: 3 minutes After the heavy rains, the underground tunnels were flooded and damaged in many places Source: pa / dpa / TheNEWS2 vi / Niyi Fote Here you will find content from Podigee In order to interact with […]

Shoe manufacturer On: With the wonder sneaker against Adidas and Nike

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Florida ice cream – the most correct ice cream in the world

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Interactive map: do you live in a winning region?

Bis the corona shock, the German economic power has grown significantly. But not all regions have benefited from the upswing. This is shown by figures from the statistical offices of the federal states, which break down into each city and each district how great the productive force is on site. WELT has evaluated the data. […]

Schools in the hands of investors? Now private money should help

LAccording to the annual municipal panel of the state development bank KfW, the nationwide investment backlog in the school sector is no less than 46.5 billion euros and thus five percent more than in 2020. A look at the Thuringian state capital Erfurt shows how dramatic the situation is: There are still missing Information from […]

TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat: this is how parents stay in control

Et are great concerns of many parents – and they are justified: Strangers write to the offspring in social networks, classmates bully with hateful comments. Or your own children reveal more of themselves to the digital public than they should. According to the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, 41 percent of ten to 18 year […]