We will now pay for coffee cups and food boxes

A ban on disposable plastic products is postponed until October 3 SMEs will be funded to develop alternatives Plastic cups and fast food cans will now be paid for by customers along with their contents on site. Such a measure was introduced for plastic bags in stores some time ago. The aim is to significantly […]

eating organic is better for your health

Less cancer, less risk of overweight or obesity, fewer pesticides in the urine: organic eaters would be in better health. These results seem logical, almost natural, they still had to be documented scientifically. This is what a French team achieved from observations on a scale unique in the world. The study focused on a cohort […]

Cold in Europe linked to heat in the Arctic

May 29, 2021 at 12:01 p.m., Updated May 29, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. Reading time: 4 minutes Weather For many French winegrowers, the night of April 7, 2021 was a sleepless night. Worried, they were preparing for the intense and sudden cold wave from the Arctic which hit much of Europe. The next day, the […]

Science needs a democratic debate to include ecological and social issues

Collective Horizon Earth (All together for responsible and committed research) brings together around forty students, researchers and associative representatives. « Is science without growth the ruin of the soul ? » In 2000, the fifteen Member States of the European Union defined the Lisbon strategy, to make Europe « the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based […]

Checking your browser before accessing Reporterre

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Face-to-face talks and safe leisure alternatives, the bet against Covid in Marbella

Young people demand the return to normality by following all health protocols to avoid possible infections The regulations against Covid-19 in the institutes are strictly adhered to. / Josele The institutes worked hard before the start of the course to prepare Covid protocols to minimize the incidence of the virus in their facilities. Mandatory use […]

China, at the forefront of social control and digital surveillance

Simone Pieranni, in « Red Mirror », Explains the place of digital technology in today’s China, a foreshadowing of the controlling society that could impose itself on the whole world. Presentation of the book by its publisher: China has long been considered « the factory of the world » manufacturing for the West, thanks to […]