Violating Conventions, Widespread Use of Chemical Weapons in World War I

via Rare Historical Photos Two allied soldiers wore masks during the use of chemical weapons during World War I. – In the event of war, international treaties prohibit the use of some weapons. One of those treaties is the Geneva Protocol of 1925 which can still be accessed at page United Nations, and continues […]

MásMóvil joins forces with Liberbank to sell telecom services | Companies

MásMóvil and Liberbank have signed a commercial agreement to offer fiber, mobile and internet services to the bank’s clients, through the operator’s main brands, Yoigo and MásMóvil itself. In a statement, the telecom explains that this agreement, in force since yesterday, is part of the commitment of both companies to explore new commercial innovation initiatives […]

Prosegur joins forces with Microsoft to drive new areas of growth in security | Companies

Prosegur and Microsoft have entered into a long-term alliance with the aim of developing new protection solutions for customers. With this agreement, both companies will carry out initiatives in the fields of digital transformation and innovation with the aim of promoting new areas of growth in solutions for safety Y cybersecurity Initially, the alliance between […]

Joe Biden’s America shakes up Saudi ally

It’s almost a humiliation for Crown Prince Mohamed ben Salman, known as MBS, the strong man of the royal house of Saud. Not only, for his first telephone interview with a manager from Saudi Arabia, the American president chose to speak with dad, the old king Salman, 85 years old, who in 2017 entrusted the […]

A week of international hotspot review_ 东方

Original Title: A Weekly Review of International Hot Spots   Biden announces foreign policySpeech On February 4, local time, U.S. President Biden delivered his first foreign policy speech after taking office. In nearly 20 minutes, Biden first emphasized: “The United States is back” and said that the United States will work hard to restore its alliance […]

Carrier pigeons and beeper: the old allies in case you decide to leave WhatsApp

He Announcement of the privacy policy update WhatsApp has not been liked by users. The fact that the application (owned by Facebook) wants to share data with other applications such as Instagram and Facebook itself, has led many people to seek new communication alternatives. And nothing better than going back to the (very) old acquaintances. […]

US, Trump grants pardon to 26 other people – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, DEC 23 – US President Donald Trump has pardoned another group of his political allies including Paul Manafort, head of his 2016 electoral campaign, Roger Stobe, longtime advisor and friend, and Charles Kushner, the father of his son-in-law Jared Kushner. This was announced by the White House. In all, the second wave […]

Egyptian President Sissi visiting Paris: “Ally” or “Dictator”?

President Emmanuel Macron receive this Monday, December 7 his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, a strategic partner of France, to take stock of several regional crises, including the Libya and the fight against terrorism. But the two heads of state will also be eagerly awaited on the human rights situation in Egypt. Marine Le Pen […]

Arteta, a possible ally of Klopp in the North London derby

Tottenham wants to continue leading, who will have to sweat a lot so that Arsenal does not give him a displeasure. Klopp will be very attentive to the ‘favor’ that Arteta can do him in the North London derby. If the result is favorable and the ‘reds’ beat the Wolves, not an easy task, the […]