Nice-Bordeaux: the popular southern tribune closed as a precaution – Girondins

08/23 – 22:48 | 22 hours ago The prefect closed the Allianz Riviera South stands for the next 4 conservatory matches. The closure for the next four matches played at home from the stand Popular South of the Allianz Riviera was pronounced by the Prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes. The Girondins de Bordeaux come to the […]

Announcement! RHB Asset Management Indonesia Officially For Sale

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A subsidiary of RHB Investment Bank Bhd from Malaysia, PT RHB Sekuritas Indonesia, divested its investment management business (asset management) to Allianz Global Investors Asia Pacific Ltd (Allianz GI) and PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia. In an official statement, Tuesday (27/7), quoted by Theedgemarkets and The Star Malaysia, RHB Banking Group […]

Megatrend creates challenges for insurers

Frankfurt, Munich Landlords on the Airbnb housing platform have always paid insurance – they just don’t notice it right away. Insurance coverage in the event that a customer falls down the stairs during their stay is included in the overall product. A so-called “embedded insurance”. One of the major trends in the insurance industry is […]

How much politics is there in sport? – SWR news

Bestselling author and philosopher Christoph Quarch gives his “Breakfast Quarch” on the radio program SWR Aktuell every Friday morning. Every week he picks a topic that he thinks about and sometimes gets upset about. This week something for the football fan in him: The dispute between Hungary, the city of Munich and UEFA over the […]

NATO gets down to business

NUsually, Jens Stoltenberg is the most predictable politician one can imagine. The NATO Secretary General is always “on message”. You can ask him ten different questions on a topic, he always gives the same answer – and he has secured that politically with his allies. In February, however, the former Norwegian Prime Minister also showed […]

25 companies on the “black list”

Frau am Laptop The Dax 30 companies currently have an average of 17.4 percent women on the board. (Photo: dpa) Berlin For the first time, the Fidar initiative, which advocates women in management positions, is presenting a list of those companies that would be forced to act as a result of the planned quota for […]

N26 + simplesurance: disruption with smartphone insurance – Netzwelten

“Unfortunately, insurance today is still associated with complicated and old-fashioned processes and, above all, with a lot of paperwork. That shows how ripe this industry is for disruption. That is why we will be offering all of our customers in Europe the opportunity to take out all important insurance policies digitally via the N26 app […]

Blockade in Suez Canal hits global economy like a stroke

Berlin, Zurich The ongoing blockade of the Suez Canal, along with other disruptions in global supply chains, is becoming a problem for the global economy, which is still ailing from the pandemic. Companies in Europe in particular will be hit hard. “This is a low blow for the global economy,” says Mark Szakonyi, “the blockade […]

These providers offer stable protection

Frankfurt The occupational disability insurance (BU) is one of the most important policies of all. It protects against the financial consequences if the customer is no longer able to work permanently in his profession due to illness or accident. Since statistically every fourth person is disabled at least once in the course of their working […]

2020, Allianz Customer Funds Increase by 6.7 Percent to IDR 42.7 Trillion – Insurance company Allianz Indonesia recorded a growth in customer funds or Asset Under Management (AUM) of 6.7 percent to IDR 42.7 trillion in 2020. Chief Investment Officer of Allianz Indonesia Ni Made Daryanti said this figure was up from AUM in 2019 which was recorded at IDR 40. , 18 trillion. “This AUM […]