China: The tech giants, increasingly subordinate to the regime and its leader

Antitrust and data security measures taken by the CCP under Xi Jinping since the end of 2020 have upset China’s IT giants, which have flourished for two decades in an overly regulated environment. As a result of these measures, the market value of Alibaba’s e-commerce platform, gaming, social media and artificial intelligence operator Tencent, and […]

Chinese Car Startup Injection of Rp 4 T, What is Jack Ma’s Plan?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Company e-commerce made by Jack Ma, Alibaba, led investments worth more than US$ 300 million or equivalent to Rp. 4.35 trillion (exchange rate of Rp. 14,500/US$) into start-ups autonomous driving or China’s steeringless service, Start-up based in Shenzhen makes a steeringless system (self driving) for vehicles involving hardware and software. […]

Alibaba Disburses IDR 220 T to Help China Achieve Shared Prosperity

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Alibaba, a giant e-commerce company created by Jack Ma, disbursed 100 billion yuan or around Rp220 trillion to help China achieve mutual prosperity. “Alibaba is the beneficiary of China’s strong social and economic progress over the past 22 years. We firmly believe that if society and the economy are doing well, […]

Asabri Out, BBYB under Akulaku-Jack Ma, what are the prospects?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The stock price of mini-banks aka BUKU II banks (banks with core capital below Rp 5 trillion), namely PT Bank Neo Commerce Tbk (BBYB) has been moving wildly since the end of last July. The market positively welcomed the approval of Akulaku’s takeover of BBYB as the main controller. As we […]

Move Fast! Akulaku’s Bank Partners with Huawei-Tencent Cloud

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A banking issuer supported by Akulaku-Alibaba, PT Bank Neo Commerce Tbk (BBYB) is strengthening the cyber security of banking services by collaborating with two global information technology giants from China, namely Huawei and Tencent Cloud. In terms of infrastructure strengthening, Bank Neo and Huawei cooperate in terms of protection for servers […]

Boss Sexual Harassment Scandal Against Employees Shakes Alibaba

Jakarta – Sexual harassment experienced by an employee of a Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. The scandal went viral and is currently under investigation. A female Alibaba employee recounts the harassment she experienced via a microblogging website China Weibo. Alibaba has confirmed that it will not tolerate such acts. “Alibaba Group has a […]

Sexual Harassment in China’s Internal E-Commerce Alibaba

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Raksasa E-Commerce asal China, Alibaba, is being investigated by the local police for allegations of sexual harassment by its employees. The company’s official statement said Alibaba promised to cooperate with the police. Alibaba has also ruled out related parties suspected of violating the company’s rules and values. “We have zero tolerance […]

Chinese exporters have been crushed by pandemics and floods in Germany

In the past, Chinese companies easily penetrated international markets mainly due to the cheap production costs of their products. But now their age-old advantage is disappearing. The main reason is the ongoing pandemic of covid-19 and the associated traffic restrictions. In addition, the movement of goods may slow down even further in the coming weeks, […]

Jorjoran Sales! Asabri’s Share Portion in BBYB Remains 9%

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – State-owned insurance company PT Asabri (Persero) again maneuvered the sale of shares in PT Bank Neo Commerce Tbk (BBYB). This action has been carried out for a long time, gradually BBYB’s share ownership has continued to decline, and recently the selling of BBYB’s shares has become even more intense, so that […]