Frida Sofía: lawyer denies visit of the young singer to a psychiatric hospital Mexico Celebs Alejandra Guzmán Enrique Guzmán USA USA UNITED STATES NNDC | PEOPLE

Days ago, journalist Shanik Berman pointed out on her Instagram account that Frida sofia She had gone to a psychiatric hospital in the United States accompanied by specialists to show her mother, Alejandra Guzmán, that she was never diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD). However, this information was denied by Óscar Ramírez, Frida Sofía’s lawyer. […]

Frida Sofía’s lawyer talks about a complaint for sexual abuse

This week Frida Sofía, daughter of Alejandra Guzmán and Pablo Moctezuma, revealed that she would take legal action against her grandfather, Enrique Guzman, who according to what was revealed during an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, would have sexually abused her when she was five years old. Now, the lawyer Alejandro Olea, confirmed that the […]

Alejandra Guzmán tests positive and asks to pray for her health

Alejandra Guzmán tests positive and they ask to pray for her health. | Instagram Special Alejandra Guzmán Alejandra Guzmán tests positive and asks to pray for her health, because in the past she has suffered from various complications from cosmetic treatments in addition to fighting against breast cancer for years and her constant struggle to […]

PHOTOS: This is how Alejandra Guzmán’s face has changed over time

At 52 years old Alejandra Guzman It has built a great artistic career over time and currently has a large fan base that has followed it since its inception. Today we leave you some images of how it has changed over the years. 1. In his childhood Alejandra Guzmán at the age of 9 / […]

Frida Sofía shows off her curves posing in front of the mirror from the gym

The singer and nutrition specialist posed in front of the mirror while revealing her slim figure in a sexy sports outfit Frida sofia He decided to leave scandals behind to dedicate himself completely to giving beauty and nutrition tips through his social networks, which is why he shares daring images to motivate his followers. The […]

“If I say it is the dad, it will drive him crazy”: This is how Salas revealed that he expected Luis Miguel’s baby according to bioseries

Mexico City.-The bioseriesSilvia Pinal in front of youportrays in one episode how a determinedStephanie Salasmade the determination to keep theidentityfrom the father of his daughter, assuring that he had no plans to start a family and was at the peak of his musical career. As is known, the biographical series produced byTelevisawas broadcast on the […]

The ruthless and visceral message of Frida Sofía on Mother’s Day with which she unleashed the anger of the followers | News from El Salvador

The hurtful words of Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter caused a tremendous war among the followers; some attacked her ruthlessly and others think she is a victim. A superb and haughty message that Frida Sofía published on his Instagram account he has generated mixed emotions among his followers. Frida’s publication heated the spirits on the web. It […]