Patrasová vs. Slováček: TOTAL HUMBILITY for Dada?

The well-known saxophonist stated about his wife that she should be treated quickly with lightning, otherwise Iveta Bartošová († 48) will end up tragically deceased. No account Dagmar Patrasová stated that in that case he should go to the hospital as well Felix Slováček, because he also has the so-called butter on his head. “Should […]

What you need to know about alcohol and Covid vaccination

The immunologist Paola Briseño Lugo, from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (ONE), stated that there is still not enough evidence to show that the consumption of alcoholic drinks inhibits antibodies developed by anti-Covid vaccines. However, the recommendations to abstain from their intake have to do with the fact that the adverse effects of both […]

The whisper bar revival in New York

New York In the distance, the Chrysler Building sparkles through the New York night, garbage bags and cardboard boxes are piled up on a gloomy side street in Manhattan. An inconspicuous dark gray door in the shadow of a metal grille bears the letters “AB”. It must be here. There’s no handle, and the knock […]

How bad is alcohol during pregnancy?

“Are you pregnant?” This is the question women who toast with apple spritzer at a party must expect. Because everyone knows: Sparkling wine, beer, wine, cocktails and other drinks with alcohol are taboo for pregnant women. Nevertheless, in Germany alone, several thousand babies are born every year with alcohol damage because their mother drank during […]

Matuš before giving birth Lucky is scared: Return to alcoholism ?!

“He had a time in his life when he wasted his talent. But now, thanks to Lucinka, it’s like being replaced. If it weren’t for her, God knows how he’d be doing with his career. Maybe she saved his life, who knows. There are a lot of friends from the wet neighborhood who could unhappily […]

Ben Roethlisberger reveals addiction to adult movies and alcohol

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 25.06.2020 15:05:55 2020 is a year of revenge for Ben Roethlisberger, but not only in the sporty aspect after miss 14 games last season for an elbow injury that required surgery, it is also about amending the path as a person, since he quarterback Pittsburgh Steelers opened their most vulnerable […]

Kharatyan who quit drinking named the cause of the accident with Efremov

Moscow, June 27. Actor Dmitry Kharatyan, who got rid of alcohol addiction, named the cause of a fatal accident with artist Mikhail Efremov. Kharatyan, who turned 60 this year, said that at some point he had lost the meaning of life. To get rid of heartache, he began to apply to a glass. The habit […]

Dana Borisova wants to help Volochkova

The ballerina has “the strongest dependence”, the TV presenter believes. Dana Borisova, who was cured of drug dependence several years ago, now at the expert level determines which of the stars of show business would do well to contact a narcologist. So, the TV presenter decided to help the ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, who, in her […]

Alcoholics Anonymous May Be The Most Effective Path To Withdrawal, New Study Reveals

Offer support to family and friends of alcoholics 2:25 (CNN) – Alcoholics Anonymous, a global support community aiming at sobriety, may be the most effective path to abstinence for those struggling with alcohol use disorder, according to extensive analysis published Wednesday. Since its inception in 1935, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and its effects have been difficult […]