3 ‘survival tips’ for you who are not prone to drinking

Unwanted drinking parties frequently occur among freshmen entering the new semester or new employees taking their first steps into society. People who are not in the same condition as they used to be or those who are weak in alcohol may be worried and burdened by these drinking parties. For you, pharmacist Oh Jung-seok introduced […]

When celebs seek help at AA meetings

FTo many people, celebrities seem to have the perfect life and have everything they could wish for. However, just because a person is a celebrity doesn’t mean they don’t struggle with their own issues, such as: B. with alcoholism. In fact, a surprising number of well-known celebrities have sought help from Alcoholics Anonymous as part […]

A drink every time you feel lonely?…Alcohol poisoning test and treatment method

Alcohol use disorder is a chronic brain diseaseㅣSource: Clip Art Korea alcohol use disorder. This word, which may sound unfamiliar, is the official disease name for alcoholism. According to data released by the National Health Insurance Service, in 2018, 75,000 people were treated for alcohol use disorder. By gender, there are about 58,000 men and […]

Georgia is in the bottom 50 places in the country for alcohol consumption per head

ATLANTA, Georgia (Telemundo Atlanta) – People in the United States really like to drink alcoholic beverages, although that varies greatly from state to state. In fact, although Georgia had a consumption of 1.91 liters per head, this puts the state at number 48 of the main consumers of alcoholic beverages in the country, according to […]

The Russian elite is starting to think about a future without Putin

And then? Is there life after Putin? How does it go and who replaces it? These are the questions that weigh on the minds of the Russian elite, its bureaucrats and businessmen, as they watch the advance of the Ukrainian army, the talents flee Russia, and the West refuses to give in to energy and […]

Putin ordered to fight alcoholism in Russia

Photo: RIA Novosti Putin believes that the main problem of the regions of the Russian Federation, in addition to low incomes, is alcoholism – – The head of the Kremlin believes that the “main problems” of the regions of the Russian Federation, in addition to low incomes, are also the alcoholization of the local population. […]

The storm between Krampol and Patras! Go to the room

“We have been friends all our lives and I am very sorry that this is how it turns out. She doesn’t want to admit that it got out of hand. “ you complained Jiří Krampol (73) for CNN Prima News, which knows very well what not only it is going through, but also its surroundings. […]