Understanding Celiac Disease: Symptoms, Complications, and Prevention Tips

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — You may feel annoyed because of your inability to eat all the foods you desire, right? This is what really happens with people with gluten sensitivity, or as it is known as Celiac. And the Saudi Ministry of Health stated, in a tweet via its official account on the […]

“The Dark Side of the Thor Browser: Why You Should Stay Away and How Our Detective Agency Can Help”

There it is, the Thor browser. A world opens up behind him that seems to offer everything that is forbidden on the normal market. Criminals, gun smugglers, drug dealers, deviants according to your tastes and inclinations, crypto scammers, investment scammers, pedophiles, suicide guides, murderers, thieves, gangsters, thugs, violent criminals, sects, satanists, gurus, cannibals, ghost hunters, […]

Why Parents Shouldn’t Worry About Their Children’s Weight During Puberty

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — The author of this article, Michel Ekar, is the author of several books that have dealt with adolescent development, with middle school students, their parents, and their schools for 20 years, in order to help children navigate the early teenage years, which are always confusing. , but often painful, […]

How stroke survivors are at risk for memory and thinking problems: New scientific statement

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — A new scientific statement from the American Stroke Association indicated that about 60% of all stroke survivors develop memory and thinking problems within one year. One-third of them develop dementia within 5 years. “Surprising numbers, right?” said Dr. Andrew Freeman, director of cardiovascular disease prevention and wellness at National […]