Borrow books from the Library

10/02/2021 The loan of the material is for 15 days and you can request it at the library or through the delegations by sending an e-mail to [email protected] The CPCE Library has for its enrolled a vast documentary collection called “Cultural Space, in it you can find a varied literary collection for leisure and recreation […]

Choking the administrator “Don’t you know who I am”!Alyssa refutes the accusation angrily: Where did the rumors come from?

(Picture/Retrieved from [email protected]) A+ A- The million-subscriber YouTuber “Alyssa” has been controversial. It was only a few days ago that fans were asked to leave a “phone number” lottery, which caused everyone’s personal information to stand in the sun, triggering a trolling. Unexpectedly, some netizens recently broke the news that Alisa Sa’s attitude towards the […]

‘Administrative Transformation’ Park Ji-sung “Now, Jeonbuk than United”

◀ Anchor ▶ Sports news on Thursday night. Park Ji-sung, who turned into a K-League administrator, has expressed his determination as a Jeonbuk advisor. It is now Jeonbuk instead of Man U. ◀ Video ▶ Park Ji-sung entered the K-League as a Jeonbuk advisor instead of Suwon, whom he wanted to go to when he […]

Vaccines: judges, vademecum on consent – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – MILAN, 12 JAN – A vademecum with lots of cases to “give to health workers”, in particular to those who work in the RSA, and “to support administrators and all subjects vested with powers of legal representation of incapable people , the practical indication of the rules of behavior to follow “for anti-Covid […]