The ‘Active Bus Against Cancer’ begins its tour of Donostia

Presentation of the solidarity initiative of the AECC of Gipuzkoa / IƱigo Royo An initiative of the Association Against Cancer of Gipuzkoa that seeks to make visible the work carried out by the institution and that has the collaboration of Dbus and El Diario Vasco Of all the DBUS buses that run through Donostia, one […]

The cure rate for Covid-19 patients in Central Sulawesi reaches 90.60 percent – The cure rate for patients exposed to COVID-19 in Central Sulawesi Province (Central Sulawesi) reached 90.60 percent. Based on data from the Center for Data and Information (Pusdatina) COVID-19 in Central Sulawesi Province, of the total patients who were exposed to COVID-19 as many as 11,303 people, 10,241 patients were declared cured. “Meanwhile, […]

Media: Germany will help Kiev in exchange for sanctions on SP-2

Photo: Berlin seeks the lifting of sanctions on the Northern Channel-2 in exchange for Ukraine’s support Germany will provide more assistance to Ukraine if Washington lifts its Nord Stream 2 sanctions. Germany is ready to provide “more decisive support to Ukraine” if the US abandons new sanctions against participants in the Nord Stream-2 project. […]

Research: Most fresh milk seems to be very dry

The last protests by dairy farmers against low milk purchase prices were in 2018. Since then, its price has been acceptable to producers, but too high for milk processors, and this tempts them to think of ways to save some of these costs. PHOTO: YORDAN SIMEONOV Only 3 products out of 17 have no added […]

This Hollywood actress celebrates 63 years of life today

See how it looks today Today March 10, actress Sharon Stone turns 63 years old. Stone, listed as one of the sexiest actresses in movie history, was born in Meadville, Pennsylvania, on March 10, 1958. She developed as a model in television and magazine commercials, but her film debut came from the hand of Woody […]