The nutritionist told what breakfast should not be

Photo: Bad breakfast named Breakfast, according to the expert, should not contain foods containing sugar. They accelerate hunger. American nutritionist Laura Burak called breakfast the most harmful and dangerous for the human body and figure. Writes about it Eat This, Not That!. According to the expert, the worst option for the first meal of […]

27th Upu Congress: The “ Post of the future ” to accelerate financial inclusion

Jil-Alexandre N’Dia, Managing Director and co-founder of the Weblogy media group, publisher of the portal. (DR) Participant at 27e Congress of the Universal Postal Union (Upu) which has been held since August 9, at the Sofitel Abidjan Hôtel Ivoire, Jil-Alexandre N’Dia, director general and co-founder of the media group Weblogy, publisher of the […]

They accelerate second doses and towards the weekend they will score at +25

With the arrival in the country of three shipments of vaccines, with a total of 2,051,000 million doses, the City will focus on complete vaccination schedules for older adults who have already fulfilled the interval of 12 weeks between both applications and will continue to scale the campaign towards the youngest in Buenos Aires territory. […]

Celltrion’Rekirona’ officially initiated a European permit review

Efficacy and safety evaluation… “Early supply to end the pandemic” Corona 19 antibody treatment’Recyrona’ (Image = Celltrion) Celltrion has launched a’rolling review (sequential review)’ of the Corona 19 antibody treatment’Reckirona (developed name CT-P59, ingredient name Legdanvimab)’ by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and officially reviewed for product approval in Europe. It was announced on the […]

A simple fruit recognized by scientists as a product of longevity

Yesterday, 19:40 | author: Irina Mikhalkova | Photo Scientists believe that lemon consumption is the key to longevity. Vitamin C, folic acid and fiber in the composition of the product minimize the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood, eliminating the likelihood of heart disease and stroke. The fruit also contains anti-cancer elements. The […]

Deputies proposed to ban speeding up the titles of films on TV

Deputies of the State Duma proposed to oblige TV channels to devote at least a minute of screen time to showing movie titles, as well as to prohibit their accelerated playback. Draft amendments to the federal law “On state support of cinematography of the Russian Federation” made Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Pyotr Tolstoy; […]

New tax incentives for investors in securities

The National Association of Securities Market Participants (NAUFOR) proposed to the Ministry of Finance to make 12 amendments to the Tax Code, which should make operations with securities more profitable. “These amendments should stimulate the development of the financial market and increase the attractiveness of investments in the domestic market,” – said in a letter […]