Obergösgen – After 27 years in the works yard, it’s over: “Fosi”, the solo entertainer, is retiring

After 27 years in the works yard, it’s over: Solo entertainer «Fosi» is retiring

Stephan «Fosi» Huber hands over the Obergösgen work yard into new hands – after around 27 years of service.

Stephan Huber, known as “Fosi” and known in the village, with one of his favorite vehicles from the Obergösgen works yard.

Image: Bruno Kissling

On April 16, just on his 65th birthday, Stephan Huber has his “last one” in the Obergösger Werkhof. Huber, called “Fosi” after Fozzie-Bär from the Muppet Show, is retiring. The Werkhof has been his living room since October 1, 1995, and was available around the clock, seven days a week, 24/7, as they say today.

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