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01.06.2021 – 09:54

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First significant easing, fewer travel restrictions, progress in vaccination – after months full of restrictions, summer beckons with more normalcy. The current representative survey by norisbank shows that many Germans still have mixed feelings about their own holiday trip in the coming months. While families with children stick to their vacation plans, singles often decide against planning a vacation in the second year of the pandemic – the uncertainty is obviously too great and there are too many obligations waiting on site.

Even in the second year of the pandemic, Germans are skeptical about their annual vacation. Almost unchanged from the previous year, only 42.3 percent of Germans (2020: 43.3 percent, 2019: 69.9 percent) are planning a vacation trip for the current year. More than a third of those surveyed named the corona pandemic as an influencing factor on travel plans (35.2 percent, 2020: 37.7 percent). Despite the current recovery perspective, there is hardly any change compared to the survey in spring 2020. In a comparison of Germany, the southern Germans are currently particularly confident: over 70 percent of those surveyed state that their travel plans will not be affected by the corona virus. On the other hand, there is skepticism in West Germany: Here the corona pandemic is currently having a much more pronounced effect on vacation planning (40.3 percent).

Families hold on to annual vacation

If you look at the survey results by age group and marital status, there are clear differences in the question of whether you will go on vacation this year. As in the previous year, 18- to 34-year-olds in particular are looking forward to their summer vacation and are planning accordingly (43.6 percent, 2020: 46.6 percent, 2019: 59.5 percent). But many families with children are not giving up their dream of annual vacation either: 47.8 percent are planning a longer trip this year (2020: 43.5 percent, 2019: 65.8 percent). For 50 to 69 year olds, however, the situation is significantly different: Not even one in three (31.4 percent, 2020: 30.0 percent, 2019: 58.8 percent) is aiming for an extensive travel vacation this year. Compared to 2019, the number of vacation planners in this group has now halved. Singles currently prefer their own four walls more than in previous years: Almost a third of those surveyed (32.5 percent, 2020: 27.2 percent, 2019: 24.1 percent) would prefer to stay at home this year and not for Travel for a longer period of time – for couples, it is not even one in five (19.7 percent, 2020: 17.1 percent, 2019: 9.0 percent).

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Money worries have less of an impact on vacation readiness than in the previous year

Due to the corona pandemic, many Germans had to accept significant cuts in their lives – for many, this was especially noticeable in their wallets. Nevertheless, money worries currently only affect Germans’ vacation planning to a limited extent: while last year 37.7 percent of those surveyed refrained from going on vacation due to financial difficulties, this proportion will decrease to just 26.1 percent in 2021 despite the months-long lockdown. According to the respondents, on the other hand, on-site obligations (9.0 percent, 2020: 5.4 percent, 2019: 9.7 percent) and stress in organizing vacation (6.1 percent, 2020: 3.9 percent, 2019: 3.8 percent) as a reason for not vacationing – the latter in particular can be seen in connection with the unsteady entry conditions in different countries and the still uncertain and often changing framework conditions for travel planning.

With the dream trip, it can also be a loan

When it comes to going on vacation, many Germans are still ready to take out a loan. Almost a third of those surveyed (29.1 percent, 2020: 30.7 percent, 2019: 31.4 percent) are open to loan financing or have used it in the past. Particularly noticeable: in 2021, more than one in three respondents (35.8 percent) is willing to take out a loan for a dream trip within Europe. In the previous year, this value was still 20 percent (2019: 19.8 percent). The loan financing of the dream vacation is still an option, especially for households with children (39.4 percent, 2020: 37.0 percent, 2019: 42.8 percent). The 50 to 69-year-olds, on the other hand, are hardly interested in credit: 81.9 percent (2020: 78.3 percent, 2019: 81.0 percent) of those surveyed would generally not take out a loan for a trip, even if that means that they would have to forego their dream trip or save for a very long time.

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About the survey

Together with the market research institute Innofact AG, norisbank surveyed 1,093 people aged 18 and over, representative of the population, according to age and gender. The online survey was carried out in mid-May 2021.

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